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Steve Abbott and Richard Siri collection of Whiskey Bottles and Other Items.

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 R.B. & A.B. CROPLEY GEORGETOWN D.C. Applied top, we are delighted to be offering a collection of whiskey cylinders and not so cylinders from the Richard Siri collection. Since we are talking eastern produced bottles, we are not going to be including a lot of information with the bottle, but we will provide as much as we can find out. They are all very interesting bottles with often great color and interesting embossing. Some are very rare and almost all are new to us. Although there are a couple of these Cropley bottles in the Siri collection, we frankly don’t have much information other than that they are from our nation’s capital. This example is a nice medium amber and does have a small nick on the back base. Professionally cleaned, this one really lights up the shelf. Grades an 8.5  
$ 300
 HALL & HUME FINE GROCERS WASHINGTON D.C. Applied top. Here is another Washington D.C. bottle. What’s familiar to the eastern folks is sometimes difficult for the western folks to find more about. According to Donald Denson, this bottle is found in olive and amber and was made from 1865-80. As for rarity, it’s considered scarce. Big bold embossing, it’s likely that this and the previous lot were made from the same mold, although we’re not seeing any slug plate. Nice overall crudity, grades an 8.5.  
$ 250
 C. JEVINE & CO GROCERS 110 & 112 MADISON ST CHICAGO ILLS. Applied top, here is a nice-looking example with the embossing encircled on the front panel. The Jevine name is seen on another bottle with fluted base and shoulders, according to Siri, this one is unlisted. A nice-looking grade 9 whiskey.  
$ 425
 G.F. HEUBLEIN & BRO. HARTFORD CONN. Applied top. Here’s a nice light amber fifth from Connecticut. This is one we have not seen before, but we will try and get more information online. Meanwhile, this one grades a solid 9.  
$ 50
 WILD CHERRY TONIC WM F. ZOELLER PITTSBURGH.PA. Applied top. Although this is the standard whiskey shape, it is more of a medicine than a whiskey. It likely had whiskey in it, but we can’t tell at this point. Nice overall crudity to the glass, in an orange amber. Grades a 9.  
$ 1,300
 W.C. ROGERS 510 BROADWAY N.Y. Applied top. Three-piece mold. A medium to light amber example with the embossing in an oddly shaped square. A few scratches but definitely a grade 9 bottle. Richard was very particular about condition and most of these are in fine shape.  
$ 250
 CHAPIN & GORE with HAWLEY GLASS CO PA on bottom. Applied top with inside screw thread. Here’s an interesting 8-sided whiskey, the Chapin & Gore name is very familiar among collectors. There are at least a half a dozen variants of the Chapin & Gore bottles, all have great interest to collectors today. They were located at 162 State Street and moved to 73 & 75 Monroe St. in the mid 80’s. They also had an office in Kansas City. This one is in nice shape and would grade a 9.  
$ 275
 MCQUADE’S M.D. WHISKEY UTICA N.Y. With original label on reverse for FAMOUS OLD MOUNTAIN DEW WHISKEY. This one is a very interesting bottle made in the late 80’s, as this has the tooled top. A fine condition example, there is a radiating potstone under the first “E,” otherwise grades a 9.  
$ 450
 COLUMBIAN WHISKEY JAMES SIMMS & CO PHILADELPHIA, PA. with TRADEMARK and MONOGRAM Applied top, quart. Here’s a bottle with a great name and interesting monogram, which looks like an S and a C. Condition is very nice with some good crudity. Overall a nice-looking bottle that would improve anyone’s collection. Not a lot of info on this bottle, we do know that they were located in New York. A nice bright, light amber that grades a 9 with just a bit of interior haze.  
$ 130
 J. Dr. S. SONS NEW YORK on shoulder. Applied top. Here’s a bottle we’ve seen before but can’t find much information on. One thing we know is that it is not from California. Most likely, the grapes were imported from the state. Lots of whittle in an amber that is easily seen through. Grades a 9.  
$ 30
 CHARLES & CO NEW YORK There are four Charles liquor bottles that we are aware of and they were distributed in New York by The Baldwin Company. The paper label says that they held, “An agreeable aromatic sanitary beverage.” Not sure what to think about that. At any rate, quite the long, applied top with a simple embossing. There is a dot in the center of the base. A small potstone chip on the base but really this bottle would easily grade a 9.  
$ 10
 JOHN H. MAGRUDER FINE GROCERIES WASHn. D.C. Applied top. It’s interesting to note how much bigger the eastern bottles were in every way. Often with large bulking tops and of course the quart size which was reduced to a fifth when they came west. In those days they sold whiskey from your corner grocery store. There are three different Magruder bottles that we are aware of, made from 1880-1910, this one is the earliest. Possibly an exterior cleaning—still a good example in a grade 8.8.  
$ 190
 REED’S “OLD LEXINGTON CLUB” applied top. We can’t find much on these, which is odd since we have seen a few. We do know they come in different colors and were made in Pittsburgh. Interesting the quote marks are backwards. Professionally cleaned. A nice bright yellow. Grades an 8.  
$ 275
 SPEER’S WINE OF ELDER N.Y. Applied top. Here’s a fine looking fifth size wine bottle that we are currently searching for more information on. Hopefully we will find more online. Wonderful color with a great name, we are certain that it is not a wine for the elderly but rather a wine made from elderberries. Of course, you have to be an elder person to drink it. A great color and condition with lots of overall whittle. Grades a 9.5.  
$ 800
 MILLER FORSE & CO PITTSBURGH Pa Applied top. Here is a medium amber example, we don’t know much but it was made at the McCully Glassworks in Pittsburgh. Some decent crudity. Grades a 9  
$ 300
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