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 MOERLEIN CINCINNATI USA with pictures of full beer bottles. MADE BY CHAS. W. SHONK CO. CHICAGO 12”. We start off with this beer tray for a Cincinnati beer. The condition is fair, there’s a decent amount of light stain and grades an overall 5. Included is the sheet music for Moerlein’s Cincinnati Centennial Waltzes.  
$ 230
 CARROLL RYE P. MORVILLE’S AAA OLD BOURBON with puppies. 16 ½” wide. Here’s a western lithograph sign put out by the well-known Morville Company. This shows three young mischievous dogs helping themselves to their master’s playing cards. A nice condition example, we can give this an 8 Grade.  
$ 400
 PAUL JONES & CO LOUISVILLE KY THE TEMPTATION OF ST ANTHONY. 19 x 14” Here’s a well-known metal tray made for hanging on the wall as an advertisement. We believe there are a couple variants, this being the larger and more desirable. Bottle collectors will know this brand, as the bottles are common. The subject matter may be a bit out there albeit straight out of Christian history. St. Anthony was a monk or “Desert Father,” who gave up all his earthly possessions and moved to the desert in Egypt, seeking complete peace of mind. In this depiction, the artist uses popular stereotypes of the era to illustrate the temptation of watermelon (gluttony), Paul Jones’ whiskey, and a young woman (lust). Under the Temptation of St. Anthony, a person was to avoid gluttony, lust, and other undesirable temptations. The older lady is depicted as a “Mammy,” and holding the watermelon, the young woman, although childlike, is depicted as the “Jezebel,” and represents the temptation of lust, and the older gentleman is depicted as the “Uncle Tom.” A colorful and interesting attempt at telling a story to sell whiskey. Grades a 6.5.  
$ 475
 COBLENTZ & LEVY PORTLAND OREGON BLACK DIAMOND WHISKEY. 21 x 17” Back in the day, this was known as the “Cake Walk.” The history of the Cake Walk dates to the pre-civil war era and was a dance enslaved people were made to perform for their owners. “Couples would stand in a square formation with men on the inside perimeter and then dance around the ballroom as if in mimicry of the white man's attitudes and manners," according to Richard Kislan. The steps included "a high-leg prance with a backward tilt of the head, shoulders and upper torso." Plantation owners served as judges and the couple with the best Cake Walk won an elaborately decorated cake. Ever wonder where phrases like “Takes the cake,” and “It was a cake walk” come from? Well, now you know.  
$ 1,900
 GAMBRINUS CINCINNATI BEER MADE BY THE F. TUCHFARBER COMPANY IN CINCINNATI OHIO. 18 x 9 ½” With gold lettering and ruby red background. Nice condition on this turn of the century advertising piece. Shows a king drinking a beverage, no doubt Gambrinus beer. A good-looking example that Grades an 8  
$ 1,200
 GILT EDGE. 25 X 19” Picture shows five young ladies, each wearing a different color outfit and each with a kitten in their blouses. The headline for this, that we have seen in other examples, has “WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE OUR PUSSIES?” It's possible that the previous owner thought the headline was too much and kept it hidden under the border. Since it's been professionally framed, we've chosen not to break into the sealed back. When the Barrison sisters came to the United States, they were advertised as the wickedest girls in the world. They were dancers and singers, and a result of the attention they received brought forth this advertising piece, which was made for both Missoula, Montana and San Francisco, as seen here. The way in which they present their pussies, leaves little doubt to the message they were sending. The term of revealing their “pussies,” were part of a song and dance they were performing in their shows. These are quite rare, and this example is in terrific condition. As mentioned, this piece comes in a professionally done gold frame. We would easily grade this an 8.5+.  
$ 5,500
 COMPLIMENTS OF THE JACOB HOFFMAN BREWING CO ORIENTAL BREWERY RONDOUT NY. 22 x 31” with goldleaf frame. From what we hear, there were a number of these found and they are not considered rare. This example is in very fine condition and was framed by a professional. Here’s an almost perfect example with just a hint of water stain, but overall grades a 9+.  
$ 60
 A.M. SMITH CALIFORNIA WINE DEPOT 14” Possibly unique, extensive provenance. Amber wine bottle with applied band top. Embossing on shoulder, “A.M. SMITH’S CALIFORNIA WINE DEPOT 327 ARCH ST PHILAD A.” We have done an in depth look at A.M. Smith, who spent most of his time in Utah but also had a store in Philadelphia. Apparently, he was a very resourceful guy and although most of the bottles with his name on them are relatively common clear flasks, there is also a Utah flask that is very highly prized and sells in the tens of thousands of dollars. Then we come to this unusual bottle, which we sold approximately six years ago. It is back on our auction block and is the only example we have ever seen. There is a lot of great information about Smith. Condition is perfect and we won’t hesitate to call this a grade 10.  
$ 1,700
 OWEN CASEY EAGLE SODA WORKS in cobalt blue. 1867-71 Here’s a popular Sacramento soda that comes in numerous colors. A nice cobalt blue that grades a 9. Recently found in Sacramento.  
$ 550
 SAN FRANCISCO GLASSWORKS 1870-76 A perfect and very bubbly example that grades a 9. Most of these bottles have never been cleaned.  
$ 850
 SAN FRANCISCO GLASSWORKS in bright green. 1870-76 Lots of whittle and vivid color here. Some typical wear ands scratches but a solid grade 7+. Don’t miss this one!  
$ 3,400
 SAN FRANCISCO GLASSWORKS 1870-76 with original bale. A cobalt blue example with nice whittle and some wear with very light haze and a small ding off the base. We'll show a picture of it. We’ll safely grade this a 7 even with the flake.  
$ 1,100
 NAPA SODA cobalt blue. One of several Napa Sodas listed as Markota-76, 1870-72. An exceptional example with everything you’re looking for. Grades a 9.  
$ 1,600
 BREMENKAMPF & REGLI EUREKA NEV. 1878-85 Another high-quality example with just a hint of wear. A nice Nevada soda that grades 7.5.  
$ 220
 CALIFORNIA SODA WORKS H. FICKEN SF with embossed bird on reverse. 1878-79 Another high condition example in aqua. Grades an 8.  
$ 550
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