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Auction Local Time: Sept 21, 2019 15:27:10 PDT
Sept 21, 2019 18:27:10 EDT

We've added a couple window pictures of lots 249 and 250, the Wilmont and Swan beer. Neither have been cleaned.

Bidding Closes on: June 2nd, 2019 at 20:00 PDT

W.S. WRIGHT with PACIFIC GLASS WORKS on base. 1863 and possibly later. We are very proud and fortunate to be offering the following sodas and mineral waters from the late Bill Woodcock Collection. Bill amassed a great number of fine bottles and his quest for perfection is evident with every bottle in the grouping. We are especially happy that Charlene, Bill’s wife gave us the opportunity to bring these to auction. So we begin. William Wright is known for marketing the first soda in Nevada, lofty stuff. When Wright had this bottle made, his first and possibly only order was for 24,000 bottles! The fact that Nevada was a territory then and didn’t become a state until 1864 makes this one of the few known territorial soda bottles. Here’s a bottle that is somewhat overlooked considering the many attributes it boasts. They include the name of the glasshouse on the base and basically the date since we know the first bottles made by PGW were blown June 16, 1863. It was made for the first soda sold in Nevada Territory with a name on it. So, where 24,000 bottles went is unknown but for those examples that have survived, it is a terrific reminder of days gone by. This is a beautiful example in a blue hue with lots of overall crudity and character. Grades a 9.5.

Winning Bid: $ 1,100

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