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THREE AQUA FLASKS. Includes GII-3 open pontil, GI-49 open pontil and a GXI-23 smooth base. All of these are in Near Mint condition, the double eagle having a little stain and the clasped hands having some wear around the neck and in need of a light cleaning. 325
PAIR OF MASONIC/EAGLE FLASKS including a GV1-19 and a GIV-24, pint and half pint with open pontils. The pint has a ¾" crack running from the top of the lip down. The half-pint grades About Mint and is an overall superlative example. The pint would have been graded at least Near Mint, crack is very hard to see. Nice colors on these two classic flasks. Photographs from both sides. 400
SCROLL FLASK GX-10. Pint. Sheared lip, open pontil. Base and pontil are the normal rectangular style as shown in McKearin. A gorgeous example in a brilliant golden coloration, it has an interesting fold of glass through the middle of one side. A great imperfection! This is almost unimprovable. A great example. Near Mint. 800
STANDARD BOTTLING WORKS MINNEAPOLIS. MINN. Hutchinson style soda bottle. Tooled top with HR on base. A great color on this scarce hutch. For a newer bottle, it has some decent crudity. Grades About Mint. 150
B&G SAN FRANCISCO SUPERIOR MINERAL WATER. With mug base and iron pontil. A superb example in a lighter than normal brilliant blue. One of the crudest sodas we've ever sold as there is a good deal of whittle, bubbles and the bottle itself is uneven and poorly blown... Has a few scratches and would grade Almost Near Mint. 375
McCLELLAN'S DIPTHERIA REMEDY. 8". A rare and desireable western medicine, this is the first one we've seen in this clear lead glass. Although the top is tooled, it takes a while to determine that it is because it is very crude. An unusual medicine in that we rarely see clear meds made in San Francisco. A neat bottle with the curved "R's", evidence of its San Francisco heritage. About Mint. 90
B.F. FISH FISH'S HAIR RESTORATIVE SAN FRANCISCO. 7 1/4". A great example of this popular hair bottle, this has the applied double rolled collar and is a light bluish aqua. It's interesting to note that the embossing style on this example is exactly the same as the more allusive cobalt INFALLIBLE variant, right down to the shape of the apostrophe which resembles a number seven. A Near Mint bottle rarely offered. 800
DR. IRA BAKER'S HONDURAS SARSPARILLA. 10 ½". 1892-1906. A rather large western sarsaparilla, this was recently found in Sacramento. A fairly scarce bottle, Ira Baker was simply a doctor whose name was used on this particular product. The Owl Drug Company was originally established by Richard Elgin Miller, who had his first location on Market Street in San Francisco, destroyed by the 1906 earthquake. His company later went on to national prominence and became very successful, eventually becoming Rexall Drug. This example has roughness along the left front seam possible done during manufacturing. Very hard to see. A bold and impressive bottle, we've also seen these this size with the Owl name on them. Almost Near Mint. 110
SHELDON'S MAGIC WATER PROOF BOOT POLISH. 5 ½". Eight-sided with applied top and tubular pontil. Before everyone thinks these things are popping out of the woodwork (there have bee a few offered lately) it seems like our auction will get a bottle we haven't seen in years and offer two or three and then not see one for another number of years. The two J.Moore whiskeys offered in this auction are a good example. This example was found in a pile of dirt, delivered to a house being built in Maine! The owner came out, saw this bottle sticking out of one of the two piles and emailed us. He thought it was broken because of the pontil! When I assured him the pontil was a natural "flaw" he was quite amused. "Best dirt I ever bought", he said. Regardless, this has to be up there with the very best of the known examples, which aren't many. From the very crude "double saucer" style top to the "very tubular" type pontil, which is off-center by the way, this is a real super find. The bottle arrived with dirt in it and a simple rinsing revealed an extremely crude bottle with everything the discriminating collector is looking for. Crudity, color, eight-sided, pontiled and About Mint condition with the exception of a scratch above the word "BOOT" which could be easily polished out if desired. The thing we like most about this bottle is that it has a great name but also bold embossing on all but one panel. An exceptional bottle, we promise you won't be seeing from us again soon. 2800
GROUP OF SEVEN PONTILED MEDICINES. Includes a Dr. Jackson's Rheumatic Liniment, Dr. Hawk's Universal Stimulant, Bogle's Hyperion Fluid for the Hair, Glenn Bears Oil, Dr. Sanford's Liver Invigorator, D.E. Van Camomile Pills, RRR Radway & Co.. Condition is generally Ex-Mint but a cleaning would do wonders for all of them. Besides some haze, they are all in great shape, no chips, cracks or damage. A nice little group, some of these are pretty rare. 400
GROUP OF TEN COBALT POISONS. Ranging from 3 ½" to 6 ½". One has full label. Cobalt colors vary from light to dark. All have "NOT TO BE TAKEN" embossed on them. All are About Mint. An instant poison collection! 140
TB& CO.pickle jar with applied top and smooth base. Zumwalt page 403. 9 ¼". In her book, Ketchup Pickles Sauces, Zumwalt says that this bottle could possibly be attributed to Tobey, Booth & Co. of Chicago. They began in 1857 and produced glass at least into the era this was made which is probably 1870's. Highly decorative, this is a classic American piece. In need of a cleaning, We've rubbed some mineral oil on the bottle to better display it. An Ex-Mint bottle that could be vastly improved. Very rare. We will have the bottle cleaned at no charge to the winning bidder. 230
MASON'S PATENT NOV 30TH 1858. Quart jar. Ground lip with original metal lid. A nice teal coloration on this common jar. Loads of whittle and the color make it a step above the usual example. Condition is About Mint with a small chip off lip, done during manufacturing. Very pretty. Color is right on the money. 250
W.W. LYMAN Redbook 1588. Half gallon. A heavily whittled example in light bluish aqua. Has a small 3/8" flake off back lip and a couple scratches near the base back. Otherwise is About Mint. Heavy whittle. 30
DODSON-HILS ST. LOUIS 8 ¾". Cathedral peppersauce. Zumwalt page 11. Tooled top. The Dodson-Hils Company began in 1892 with their primary business being the manufacturing of vinegar. They went on to be fairly successful. This is a pretty piece with fairly good crudity and About Mint. Nice addition to any food or peppersauce collection. 130
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