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DOUBLE EAGLE GII-106 Smooth base. Pint. A real beauty in an amber coloration, this one has all the overall whittle, crude top and brilliant color you're looking for. Could be considered medium golden amber. This one is Almost Mint with no case wear and could easily be considered Mint by many collectors. Why don't we call it Mint? Because the second we do someone will find a tiny scratch. It's a real beauty. 550
HORSE PULLING CART/EAGLE GV-7a. Pontil. Pint. When was the last time you saw one of these? At least we don't remember selling one. This example is the one with no written embossing and having the embossed pictures on both sides. It is believed it is a variation of GIV-5 made at Mount Vernon, but this is not definitive. This is an olive amber and is pretty much the only color they've been seen in. This example has just a hint of wear on the eagle's neck but otherwise would rate Almost Mint. A real rare and pretty gem. 700
MASONIC/EAGLE GIV-17. Pontil. Pint. A great example in an olive amber coloration, these are not that rare but nonetheless highly embossed and desired. This example has nary a scratch and would grade Almost Mint. No highpoint wear. 275
CORNUCOPIA/URN GIII-17. Pontil. Pint. A nice emerald green example, these can also be called a blue/green, but we'll just stick with emerald. A solid piece, this has some good crudity with loads of bubbles and all around it would grade Almost Mint with absolutely no highpoint wear. This is maybe a little lighter than most we've seen. A keeper. 750
U.S.A. HOSP.DEPT. in 2"circle. 6 1/4" Medium cobalt blue. Crude applied collar. A nice example, we were lucky enough to obtain a small collection of U.S.A. Hospital bottles out of the same collection where many of these bottles were obtained. This example has nice whittle. The gentleman we obtained the collection from did some cleaning of his own, but many years ago. A positive aspect of this is that he didn't come close to "overcleaning" anything. Rather, he left things pretty much intact but got most of the stain (if there was any) removed, sometimes leaving a circle on the bottom. In most cases, we are leaving the bottles just as they were found and we will be sure and make you aware of any cleaning that is needed and the degree. Ironically, many of his bottles were simply washed out and are Almost Mint. This is a nice whittled example waiting for a good home. Grades Near Mint. 1700
U.S.A. HOSP.DEPT. Nearly 6" in height with 1 3/4" clear stopper. Embossing is within a 2 1/4"circle. This example we know was found just like it is now since the original stopper was still in it. It fits like a glove. This bottle is a mossy green, has good overall character and a few beautifully and strategically placed bubbles in the shoulder and throughout the piece. We were not aware, but were told by Mr. Peterson, the seller, that stoppers on most, or possibly all. of these type apothecary pieces were blown in clear durable lead glass. This makes sense since they were already making clear stoppers, why go to the trouble of trying to match a colored stopper for a bottle which would be thrown away anyway (safely--thank goodness). At any rate, this is a real nice example in Almost Mint condition. Any apparent roughness on lip or otherwise is simply a reflection of light. 1400
U.S.A. HOSP.DEPT. on shoulder. 7 1/4" with crudely applied lip and smooth base. A fairly light colored USA with simple overall texture on first glance. However, when held in your hand it has a good amount of unevenness to the glass. There are a few scratches but this piece is generally Near Mint and has never been cleaned. A brilliant and delicate color. 1600
E.R. SQUIBB embossed on shoulder with clear 2" stopper .7 3/4" high. Smooth base. Applied square collar. Another example of an apothecary bottle with a clear stopper. E.R. Squibb contracted with the military during the Civil War and Post Civil war. They also provided tin containers of medicines etc.. E.R. Squibb bottles have been found around 1860's-70's military sites out West and, according to collector, Jules Martino, probably back east. This is the first we've sold, however, we know it's not a super rare bottle. A great specimen, this has about as much whittle as you can find on a bottle and is in a very beautiful teal green coloration. As far as we know, these bottles come in at least two different sizes. Stopper appears original as it fits perfectly. Here's one that grades Almost Mint.425
DUFF GORDON SHERRY MEDICAL DEPARTMENT U.S.A. 10". Applied top. Olive amber. Here's a combination liquor and medical bottle. The Duff Gordon bottles are fairly hard to come by and this is one of the few we've handled. The hue is a medium to deep coloration and easy enough to see through. A solid example with good overall crudity and character. At least Near Mint. 450
U.S.A. HOSP.DEPT. Wide mouth aqua. 7 1/2". A good example of this well-known variant with the wide mouth, probably used for an infinite number of things involving medicine. This was recently cleaned and would grade Near Mint. Color on this is a bluish/green aqua with loads of whittle and a crudely applied top. A good one for the U.S.A. collection. Est. $50-100. MB $50. 375
U.S.A. HOSP.DEPT. Quart with applied top. An aqua variant of this well known and popular bottle, these aqua variants are harder to find than some people think. Notice that this has the square applied collar similar to the blue example in this auction. In addition, the U.S.A. embossing is curved rather than straight across. This is a nice greenish aqua and has decent overall crudity. There is a tiny polished flake off the front lip, with still a tiny bit of roughness. Very hard to see. Has a little interior dirt. A good addition to any collection, if you don't have the aqua quart yet, this could be the one. 475
U.S.A. HOSP.DEPT. Quart with applied top. 9 1/4". A fine apricot or light orange yellow example. This has a nice crude top and lights up any grouping. A good one if you don't have this color, it is an Almost Mint bottle with some decent crudity. 1300
U.S.A. HOSP.DEPT. With applied top. Star on base. 9 1/2". A nice example in a very pretty green coloration, we don't see these with this lime variation that often. This has a nice drippy top and good overall crudity. Here's another good one if you don't have the color. This is Almost Mint with just a hint of interior stain. A dazzler and worthy of any U.S.A. collection. 950
U.S.A. HOSP.DEPT. Applied top. Almost 9 1/2". Now here's a special bottle that we knew would be the belle of the ball. An emerald green with just a hint of moss, this bottle differs from the other quarts in a couple ways. First the embossing is a little larger if you compare it to the others. It is also more pronounced. In addition, it has what appears to be a pour spout, which we can't say if it was done on purpose or just a fluke in production. Beyond those differences, the bottle is also one of the most whittled specimens we've ever seen. Just absolutely hammered with loads of overall crudity and character. The glass is easy to see through the middle and darker at the top and bottom. An incredible example, drippy top and all. Aside from a few very light and minor scratches, this one grades close to Almost Mint. A true beauty. 1800
U.S.A. HOSP.DEPT. Applied top. Almost 9 1/2". Here's the color everyone is looking for, a cobalt blue variation with the applied square collar. Surely a rare bottle, it seems these and the aqua variants were the only quarts with this type collar and could possibly be the first of the U.S.A. bottles made. Regardless, this is a beauty and if you don't have a blue quart, this may be the last one to come along for a while. A good one it is, too. It is a medium to light blue with a strong strike and lots of long beautiful whittle and overall crudity. This is a top example, which was recently lightly cleaned to perfection. Seriously folks, lots of whittle, perfect condition, crude top, a real gem that grades Almost Mint. 3800
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