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FLASK WITH EMBOSSED EAGLE IN CIRCLE. Quart, GII-135. Tooled top. Talk about a rare bottle, this is about as rare as they get and although it's not exactly a blue Jared Spencer, it has a lot of character and is a nice big size with strap sides. There are numerous tiny bubbles throughout the bottle and the eagle has two olive branches in it's talons. There are variations on this bottle and all are considered extremely rare. It is unknown who the glassmaker was. An interesting and About Mint flask. Be the only one on your block to own this one. $ 100
FLASK WITH EMBOSSED SAFE IN CIRCLE. Tooled top, similar to GXIII-79 except that this is a quart rather than a pint. Strap sides. Another very hard to find flask, this example is similar to the GII-135 and could've been made at the same glasshouse. The fact that this is a quart adds to it's mystique. It has some light crudity and is generally About Mint. A true rarity, here's one you can say is rare. $ 100
DOUBLE EAGLE quart flask. GII-26. Sheared lip and open pontil. An interesting and popular flask, this has the broken pontil, which is a little different than the graphite pontil usually seen on these flasks. This is a light blue aqua. It almost seems a collector could put together a whole collection of just these as they come in a myriad of colors. A decent strike and About Mint, a good one. $ 220
EAGLE/CORNUCOPIA GII-73. A very popular flask, this one is a pint and is a light to medium amber coloration. There is a little roughness around the top but it appears to be either from just everyday use or possibly to get the cork out, it's very minor and can't really be seen without a loop. An otherwise About Mint example with lots of base wear. $ 210
CORNUCOPIA/URN. GIII-11. Half-pint. Sheared lip and pontil. A brilliant light amber example with a medium strike and About Mint condition. A fine little flask. $ 200
CORNUCOPIA/URN. GIII-4. Sheared lip, open pontil. A solid light to medium green with a hint of lime in this one. Condition couldn't get much better as this is about as nice as they come. Grades a solid About Mint. $ 250
DR. CAMPBELL'S SCOTCH BITTERS. 6 1/8". Tooled top banded flask. Half-pint. Ring/Ham C 31. A scarce flask possibly made for a Midwestern concern, these aren't super rare however this is the first we've had. This example has a minor amount of interior haze, very minor, and would be considered generally Near Mint. Nice variation in hue and a solid example of a bitters bottle that looks like a whiskey flask. $ 200
WORMSER BROS. SAN FRANCISCO. 1867-72. Double roll collar. The Wormser Company was responsible for three flasks, this one is the most common. They come with a couple different tops, this double roll style and one that has the top roll larger than the lower one. This is probably due to the glass house where it was made. This is also a Nevada bottle and one that would look beautiful on any flask collector's shelf. It is as light as any example we've ever seen and definitely has some green in it. It came from a collection in Nevada and was found years ago. Although it's not real whittled, it does have a lot of unevenness to the glass, especially the reverse side. The embossing is about a 7 on a 1-10 and overall the bottle, when displayed with the usual western whiskey suspects stands out like a sore thumb. A great example worthy of any advanced or beginning collection. About Mint. $ 1,200
MILLER'S EXTRA E. MARTIN OLD BOURBON. Single roll, large circle. Thomas 19. 1871-79. A beautiful meidum to deep orange example of this very popular flask. Although they come in a rarer smaller circle variant, the larger variants seem to be the one people want, unless it's green of course. This example has lots of overall variances in hue and is quite prett when placed next to a different shade of amber. A choice example from Nevada, this ones About Mint. $ 1,000
C.P. MOORMAN ONLY MANUF'R OF J.H. CUTTER OLD BOURBON A.P. HOTALING & CO SOLE AGENTS S.F. 7 1/2" 1873-79. Here's a coffin style flask with the applied top without collar as shown in Thomas. Not a rare flask, these are nonetheless a popular one and this is an excellent example. Loaded with whittle, it has a crudely applied top and lots of character. There is a 1/16" flake on the left back base but the bottle is otherwise About Mint. Don't let the flake prevent you from bidding, it's barely noticeible. Another great bottle found in Nevada. $ 450
J.F. CUTER EXTRA OLD BOURBON TRADE MARK with embossed shield. Thomas 9. 1870-80. Here's another Nevada bottle, This example has the more desirable single roll top. It is medium amber and has a good strike. There is a tiny flake off one band on the lower left and a small ding on the lower front bottom. Both imperfections are really not a big deal (see pictures). A great Near Mint example otherwise. These are one of the most popular western flasks ever made for their design and Cutter affiliation. $ 600
PHOENIX OLD BOURBON SAN FRANCISCO. Thomas 51. 1895-99. Half-pint. For a flask that was made almost and up to the turn of the century (the last century) these are sure popular flasks. They used to be a hundred dollar bottle and now they seem to have become one of the "must have" flasks and why not? They've got the Phoenix rising from the ashes, loads of embossing and in this case, a beautiful yellow coloration. We photographed this next to the Miller's flask just to show the dramatic differences in color. I thought I had seen the best of these but this one comes real close. This is just as good as they get with razor sharp embossing, some overall crudity and a bottle that shines like a yellow beacon of hope in the afternoon sun. Bid on the best. Hard not to call this Mint. $ 450
WHARTON'S WHISKY 1850 CHESTNUT GROVE. 5 1/2". Applied top. If you're looking for the crudest possible example of this early flask, you've probably found it. Absolutely whittled from top to bottom, this example has a super drippy top and loads of bubbles and overall character. It appears to have the original cork and there might be a little interior stain but it's extremely minor and could be cleaned by hand very easily. A top specimen, these are neat little pocket flasks that also come in blue. About Mint $ 325
CHEVALIER'S GINGER BRANDY. Thomas 25. Applied top. 1884-88. We are lucky in that we have a nice selection of Chevalier whiskey bottles in this auction, another fluke in a way, but one we're lucky to have. This is an interested bottle found mostly along the Northern California coast. This example has good overall whittle and the areas where there is embossing is flattened out a little bit. A solid Near Mint example, here's a good one if you don't have it yet. $ 190
Set of Three CHEVALIER & CO. SAN FRANCISCO HEBE BRANDY. 12". Barnett 141. 1896-1905. An often overlooked and interesting western liquor bottle, these come in a number of colors, three great ones are offered here. When we think of the Chevalier company, we can't help but think about the Castle Whiskey with the spiral neck and when we look at these bottles, they remind us of that bottle. At any rate, three examples, all at least Near Mint and whittled. The lightest example is the most whittled. A trio worth displaying in any collection. $ 325
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