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CORNUCOPIA/URN. Pint with pontil and sheared lip. GII-4. A pristine yellow amber with just a touch of green. No highpoint wear, a lot of crudity to the glass with good strike. About Mint. $ 180
WASHINGTON/JACKSON sheared lip with pontil. Pint. GI-31. Talk about brilliant, this one shines like a diamond. Strike is a 7 out of 10 and the entire bottle is crude. Top specimen. About Mint. $ 425
EAGLE/CORNUCOPIA with sheared lip and pontil. Pint. GII-73. Here’s another pristine example, this one being a straight light to medium brilliant amber. An almost perfect flask, this one grades About Mint. $ 300
EAGLE/CORNUCOPIA with sheared lip and pontil. Pint. GII-73. Another example of the 73 in a straight olive green. Very bumpy surface with a hint of high surface wear. Super strike, About Mint. $ 150
CORNUCOPIA/URN. Pint with pontil and sheared lip. GII-4. A completely opposite color than Lot 1, this is your emerald green with some minor high-point wear. A solid example in Near Mint condition. $ 170
EAGLE/EAGLE with sheared lip and pontil. Pint. GII-70. A brilliant tobacco example with a very bold strike. Just the slightest highpoint wear on one eagle. A super example. $ 325
PITTSBURGH PA with applied band and smooth base. Pint. GII-108. Forest green. A very crude example with a “clump” of glass on one side panel. A crude and solid example with a super drippy top. About Mint. $ 450
DOUBLE EAGLE STODDARD N.H. Similar to GII-81 with blank circle on reverse. Sheared lip pontiled, pint. Another brilliant amber example, these don’t have the pontil as much as the other GII’s. Just a fine example with loads of crudity and character. About Mint. $ 220
CHESTNUT FLASK with 32 ribs swirled to left. Half-pint. The pictures say it all, clean, pontiled with a sheared lip, this is a deeper than normal green aqua and would fit in well with any chestnut collection. About Mint. $ 140
PITKIN style brilliant light aquamarine. A tight 30 vertical rib variant with broken-swirl vertical and ribs swirled to right on reverse. Similar to plate 89 McKearin number 9. 6 ½”--holds probably a little more than a pint. Double half-post. Sheared lip and pontil. A very crude and interesting flask. About Mint. $ 275
PITKIN style pint flask with 36 broken vertical swirls with sheared lip, open pontil and German half-post. A gorgeous amber example not at all too dark to see through. Similar to McKearin plate 88 number 1. 5 7/8” with flattened body. About Mint. Ex Frank Brockman collection. $ 550
PITKIN style oblong flask in a brilliant citron green. Sheared lip, tubular type pontil and German half-post method. 36 vertical ribs, 6 ¼”, pint. Just a wonderful example of this odd shaped flask, you can’t beat the color or form. About Mint. $ 700
PITKIN style pint flask with 36 broken vertical ribs. Sheared lip and crude pontil with German half-post method. 6 ¾”. A brilliant light turquoise example in a typical ovoid flattened shape. A real beauty. About Mint, not a scratch on it. $ 400
PITKIN style flask. flattened 16 rib ribs swirled to right (and every other direction) with loads of crudity galore. Sheared lip, open pontil, Geman half-post method, 6 ¼”. A brilliant green with a distorted neck and an all around pristine appeal. A top specimen that grades About Mint. $ 500
PITKIN style pint flask. with 36 broken vertical ribs. Sheared lip with pontil and half-post. Half-pint. Another pristine example in a citron, olive coloration. This is an Ex-Gardner bottle. The picture tells the story. A beauty in About Mint. $ 650
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