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WASHINGTON/TAYLOR GI-54. Quart. Open pontil. Sapphire blue with soda style applied top. A beautiful example of this scarce colored flask. We don't often see this top on these and the color doesn't hurt either. A strikingly pretty flask with an overall crude textured surface and in perfect condition. Near Mint. $ 2,600
WASHINGTON FLASK. THE FATHER OF HIS COUNTRY GI-47. Quart, teal green, open pontil. Single applied lip. Radiating potstone on reverse, otherwise a superb example. Near Mint. $ 325
WASHINGTON/CAPTAIN BRAGG.THE FATHER OF HIS COUNTRY. GI-42. Applied top, open pontil in light to medium teal green. Quart. A few very minor scratches but generally Near Mint. $ 700
WASHINGTON/TAYLOR GI-55. Pint with open pontil. A light green with good bubbles and overall at least Near Mint. $ 650
WASHINGTON/TAYLOR. GI-38. Open pontil. Pint. A beautiful rich teal in almost unimprovable condition. This bottle has a tubular type pontil and lots of slag and overall bubbles and impurities to the glass with a razor sharp strike. Top specimen. About Mint. $ 650
WASHINTON. GI-48. Pint. Open pontil. A beautiful blue teal with loads of overall whittle and crudity. Has a rough pontil which extends to the edge of the base. See picture. A sparkler. About Mint. $ 650
WASHINGTON/EAGLE. GI-26. Quart. Open pontil. Super bold strike on this aqua variant. Impression couldn't get any better. Good overall crudity. About Mint. $ 250
WASHINTON/EAGLE. GI-16. Pint, open pontil. Great impression and Almost Mint. A super example. $ 375
COLUMBIA/EAGLE B&W. GI-121. Pint, open pontil. A hint of interior stain keeps this from the Mint category and is extremely minor. You won't find one with a better impression or condition in aqua. About Mint. $ 425
EAGLE/EAGLE GII-26. Quart in blue aqua. A fine example with a gnarly pontil, lots of crudity and overall Almost Mint. A great aqua example. $ 375
WASHINGTON/JACKSON. Pint with open pontil. Typical light impression on the upper half. Light to medium amber. Very light wear, a good example. About Mint. $ 230
RAILROAD/EAGLE. GV-9. Pint with open pontil. A brilliant example in amber with loads of bubbles. Barely a hint of high-point wear. Fine example. About Mint. $ 425
RAILROAD/EAGLE. GV-9. Pint with open pontil. Another fine example, this one in an olive green with some lime. A crude example with barely any wear. Very pretty color. About Mint. $ 375
WASHINGTON/TAYLOR GI-55. Pint with open pontil. Similar to lot 4 with a deeper coloration. Nice overall unevenness to the glass and About Mint. $ 1,000
SUNBURST FLASK. GVIII-16. Half-pint with open pontil. Mossy green. There are some questions regarding which variant this is, we're pretty sure now it's a GVIII-16. We're always open for opinions. A fairly rare flask, this has a 3/8" chip on the edge base which we think some would call part of the pontil but we'll call it a chip, otherwise About Mint with a miniscule amount of high-point wear. A good one if you don't have it yet as it displays handsomely. $ 500
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