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WESTFORD GLASS CO. WESTFORD CONN. Pint. Applied lip. GXIII-35. A medium tobacco amber example with lots of overall crudity and tiny bubbles. Aside from a few light scratches, this one is Near Mint. Very drippy top and a good strike. Est. 100-200. MB $80. $ 140
GIX-10B. SCROLL FLASK. Pint. Ex- Frank Brockman. This flask sold in 1989 in a Heckler auction Lot 1. These scrolls aren't necessarily tough to find unless they are this striking sapphire/cobalt blue. In addition, finding one with the applied top is a toughy. About perfect, this example has some strategically placed bubbles and could almost be considered Mint. Just a wonderful addition to any scroll flask collection. Est. $2000-3000. MB $1500 $ 4,600
THE FATHER OF HIS COUNTRY. Pint. Sheared lip. GI-48. Pint. Open pontil. A beautiful blue teal with loads of overall whittle and crudity. Has a rough pontil which extends to the edge of the base. See picture. A nice whittled example with some light highpoint wear. About Mint. Est. $200-500. MB $250. $ 600
THE FATHER OF HIS COUTNRY on reverse GEN. TAYLOR NEVER SURRENDERS DYOTTVILLE GLASS WORKS PHILADA . Pint. Sheared lip. GI-38. Open pontil. Pint. A beautiful rich teal in almost unimprovable condition. This bottle has a tubular type pontil and lots of slag and overall bubbles and impurities to the glass with a razor sharp strike. Just a whisper of highpoint wear on the Washington side. A top specimen. About Mint. Est. $400-800. MB $300. $ 750
GI-40B. THE FATHER OF HIS COUNTRY. WASHINGTON/TAYLOR. Pint. This flask sold in the Burton Spiller Glassworks sale as lot 219. Ketchum also pictures it in A Treasury of American Bottles on page 60. There is a sticker on the bottom that reads 1974 Jack W. Possibly Whistance? This is a deep cobalt blue with the sheared lip and open pontil. The Ketchum picture is off-color, presenting more of a teal colored flask. This blue is hard to photograph but we feel this is as close as possible. The Glass Works photo is right on, as the brilliant, almost fluorescent blue through the base is quite striking. A superior example that grades Almost Mint with a trace of highpoint wear. $ 7,000
CORN FOR THE WORLD with BALTIMORE MONUMENT on reverse. Quart. Superb specimen in this hard to find "burnt orange puce" coloration. Very crude, very vivid, has some high point wear and a few scratches but generally overall Near Mint. The pictures tell the story. $ 4,000
GX-22. HARD CIDER with EMBOSSED LOG CABIN on reverse. This is an ex Elvin Moody bottle that sold in Heckler auction number 2 as lot 311. "Give him a barrel of hard cider and settle a pension of two thousand a year on him, and my word for it," declared a Democratic newspaper. Inaccurately described as a simple minded "Indian fighter" whose only attributes were his war record, the Whigs nonetheless presented him as just that, a hard cider drinking Indian fighter living in a log cabin. Harrison was in fact a scion of the Virginia planter aristocracy. He was born at Berkeley Plantation in 1773. He studied classics and history at Hampden-Sydney College, then began the study of medicine in Richmond. In 1840, The Whigs candidate received only 150,000 more votes than his opponent but swept the Electoral College, 234 to 60 (unlike our recent elections). This flask is a result of that hard drinking accusation and is considered extremely rare. The strike couldn't be stronger and the color is also a little deeper than some of the other few examples out there. Condition is About Mint and it would be hard to find a better all around conditioned piece. The Harrison campaign resulted in a few different bottles, all highly desirable. Ironically enough, Harrison died a month after taking office, some suggesting he became sick after standing out in the freezing cold Washington D.C. during what is regarded as the longest inauguration speech ever made. We've added some additional pictures of this lot as it is a tough one to photograph. About Mint. $ 9,000
WICHMAN LUTGEN & CO. OLD GILT EDGE O.K. BOURBON SOLE AGENTS. Half-pint. Tooled top. About perfect. A semi-scarce little flask. $ 120
SC DISPENSARY with fancy monogram. Hand written notation on back "SC Dispensary bottle found Summer 1981 by Hon Kwan Savannah River 14th St Bridge, August, GA." Pint. Tooled top. Has some overall crudity, grades About Mint. $ 50
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