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GLENCOE BOTTLING CO. ACWL ON BASE. Applied top. 8 ½ inches. This is one of those oddball large sized hutch sodas we see every once in a great while. Were not quite sure where this one came from but it is a terrific piece. Enough soda for the whole family! Condition is Near Mint. Est. $50 to 100. MB $50. $ 70
CRYSTAL SODA WATER CO. PATENTED NOVEMBER 12, 1872 USPT. Applied top. Here is another Crystal Soda Water, this time being in a rare vary. These come in both blue and green along with the applied top or the unusual collar type top. This is certainly one of the tougher combinations and is a nice light greenish blue. Condition is About Mint. Est. $100-250. MB $70. $ 160
E.L. BILLINGS SAC CITY GEYSER SODA. Applied top. Although these are not particularly rare sodas, they are early and sometimes come in these light blue colors. This example has a scratch on the top and a few light scratches on the bottle itself. There is also a miniscule flake off the top edge. Otherwise, this bottle is Near Mint. Est. $100-200. MB $50. $ 30 *
J & A DEARBORN & CO. NEW YORK SODA WATER D. Applied top. Iron Pontil. Here is a blue variant of this popular soda. There are over ten variants of the Dearborn sodas and we believe this is the rarest. It has most of its white graphite intact and aside from a very tiny flake on the inside of the lip grades about Near Mint. It does have some interior stain, which a light cleaning would completely fix. Est. $150-250. MB $80. $ 200
KNICKERBOCKER SP D&T ON REVERSE. Applied top. Iron Pontil. With approximately seven known variants of the Knickerbocker soda waters this is the first example we’ve ever seen of this variant. It is extremely crude with loads of whittle and after a recent professional cleaning was rendered About Mint. A beautiful light green. This has got to be as rare as they come. Est. $300-500. MB $200. $ 450
PEARSON BROS. BODIE. Tooled top. Of all the hutch bottles out there, not many compare to the rarity and desirability of the Pearson Bodie Bottle. In addition, although this is a gravitating stopper there is no embossing on the base, which we find very odd. The bottle itself is About Mint and still has the original stopper. These were made between 1882 and 1891 so this is probably days away from being an applied top. Extremely rare! Est. $1000-2000. MB $700. $ 2,800
REFINED CID. CLAY-SIDER CONTAINER. 10 inches. Here is an interesting bottle that was dug in San Francisco and one we believe was made there. We thought that there was simply a CID debossed on the surface but it appears there is a slight ER that was fainly debossed. We thank an observer for their insight. Regardless, there is no chipping or cracks, but simply a little iron stain on reverse. Just a neat, early, and most likely Western stoneware cider. The condition is Near Mint. Est. $50-100. MB $40. $ 60
UNMARKED HANDLED JUG. Applied top. Handle with Graphite Pontil. Similar to Ballentine 103. 6 ½ inches. Here is a great little whiskey jug probably from the 1860’s. It is extremely crude with loads of whittle and all the original graphite intact. It is a medium to deep plumb colored glass and is virtually unimprovable. It is just About Attic Mint. Est. $50-200. MB $50. $ 190
IMPERIAL CABINET WHISKEY FIFTH SIZED BACK BAR. Tooled top. This beautiful white enameled Back Bar on amber glass was found underneath a house on telegraph hill in San Francisco about eight years ago. Although we have never really heard of this particular Back Bar before, we are certain it is Western. Although it does have a few scratches the enamel is perfect and the bottle is at least Near Mint. A choice Back Bar. Est. $500-1000. MB $250. $ 700
FOREST LAWN JVH. Applied lip. Iron Pontil. 7 inches. This is a fabulous example of this popular whiskey which was found in the great San Francisco dig. It is loaded with crudity and overall appeal. These are not getting any easier to find. This one is About Mint. Just a super piece! Est. $300-600. MB $250. $ 450
PATENT HR BRISTOL ON BASE. Applied top. 11 inches. A super crude whiskey bottle most likely of English origin. These are usually very crude and are a three-piece mold. Found in Sacramento, it has some stain but it is very displayable and grades Near Mint. Est. $50-100. MB $50. $ 50 *
EDWARD OULLAHAN TRADEMARK PIONEER LIQUOR HOUSE STOCKTON CALA. With embossed bear. Half pint. Tooled top. These nice little flasks are highly desired for their full range of embossing and of course the bear. This example was professionally cleaned and has a couple minor dings on the very bottom. Otherwise, this one sparkles like it is Mint. Est. $100-200. MB $50. $ 100
SCROLL FLASK. Applied top. Graphite pontil. Pint. This is a beautiful deep aqua example that has an in-making chip which extends underneath the applied lip which is very crude. This is an exceptional example with a factory flaw. All graphite intact. Bottle grades Mint. Est. $50-100. MB $50. $ 90
FELL’S POINT WITH BUST OF GEORGE WASHINGTON AND VALTO MONUMENT ON REVERSE GI-21. Quart. Sheered lip and open pontil. Recently found on a cupboard during an estate sale, this beautiful flask was also found with the outstanding Lansdale Pickle Jar which is also a Baltimore product. This terrific example is amethystine and one of a number of different colors it is found in. Aside from some light high-point wear, this bottle would grade at least About Mint. Certainly a top specimen with great overall crudity. Est. $1000-2000. MB $800. $ 1,600
CHESTNUT FLASK. Open pontil. Sheered top. 8 ½ inches. Here is a large sized flask with 24 ribs swirled slightly to the left. A very nice bluish aqua. A terrific addition as it is an unusual form. Bottle grades Near Mint. Est. $100-200. MB $50. $ 160
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