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Auction # 42

Auction Ended: Wednesday August 29th, 2007 at 8:00 PM PDT
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Auction Local Time: July 22, 2024 21:27:49 PDT
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Final Bid
 COCA COLA CO. SEATTLE, Pint 8” Tooled crown-top. This one has some wear, but is one not often seen. We grade this a 5. Est. $100-200. MB $100  
$ 110
 COCA COLA BOISE IDAHO. 7 ½” Crown top ABM While there is some wear on the lower lettering, this is another scarce Coke. Grades a good 7. Est. $100-200. MB $100  
$ 220
 COCA COLA DENVER COLO. 7 ½” Tooled crown-top. This example has a ping out of the right front shoulder, and a couple of other minor imperfections. Grades a 5. Est. $100-200. MB $100  
$ 100
 COCA COLA RICHFIELD, UTAH. 9” ABM This later Coke is from a small Utah town and it is in pristine condition. Grades a solid 9. Est. $100-200, MB $100  
$ 160
 COCA COLA COLORADO SPRINGS. 9” Tooled crown-top. Here’s an unusual example with a rounded base. At a grade 9, this one couldn’t get much better. Est. $100-200. MB $100  
$ 230
 COCA COLA CROWN BOTTLING WORKS CHEYENNE WYO ABM Collectors are fortunate to have such a unique collection of early bottles to consider. Bryan certainly appreciated the variety of bottles out there and fortunately included pieces like these unusual Coca Colas. This one has a ping on the lower right front and a small pressure ding on the back base with a tiny flake off the lip. Grades a 5. Est. $100-200. MB $100  
$ 950
 COCA COLA DRINK DELICIOUS AND REFRESHING. 6” 1903, Hilda Clark tray. We thought we would include a Coca Cola tip tray along with the many Coke bottles offered. This particular tray is among the first Coca Cola tip trays ever produced. The woman in the scene is a dead giveaway. She seems more matronly than beautiful; simply a sign of the times and what a well-to-do Victorian woman looked like. Notice the fancy holder for her delicious beverage. This example has some dullness and crazing throughout the tray, including some areas of lost gold paint around the very edges. The actual image of the woman and most of the ornate decoration is still very much intact. A rare and desirable Coca Cola tip tray which grades about a 6. Not bad for a 104 year old! Hilda Clark, by the way, was a famous singer of her era and is pictured on some of the earliest and most valuable Coca Cola items ever made. Est. $1000-2000. MB $700  
$ 800
 COCA COLA BOTTLING WORKS PUEBLO CO. 7 ½” ABM This example has some pretty solid roughness, including a flake off the lip and a bruise on the base. An Average 5 grade for a hard to find Coke. Est. $100-200. MB $100  
$ 160
 THE BEST BY A DAM SITE COCA COLA BOTTLING CO NEV. ABM An unusually designed Coke bottle, it also says “Coca Cola Las Vegas” on base. Loads of embossing and an unusual design make this a popular Coke bottle for any collector. A light green-aqua, it is pretty much your standard coke color. PLEASE NOTE THIS EMAIL WE RECEIVED; I think a lot more people might respond to your Coke bottle "THE BEST BY A DAM SITE" if they realized it is more or less a commemorative to the men who built the Boulder (now Hoover) Dam in the early 1930s. There are still a lot of those good ole boys with us and they should be recognized for the absolute killer work conditions they endured, not only the magnitude of that job for the time but the extreme 140* temps in the canyon, the dare-devil highscalers and iron workers and everyone else who risked their lives and some who lost theirs, building that dam and helping those poor souls out of the Depression this isn't just some old coke bottle...from the daughter of a DAM builder believe me I know. RS A little rough but grades about a 6. Est. $200-300. MB $100  
$ 400
 COCA COLA LOS ANGELES. 7 ½” With the embossing around the lower area of these bottles, they were just begging to be worn and dinged up. This particular example has some fairly heavy wear, but the bottle itself is a 5 with no chips. Est. $100-200. MB $100  
$ 160
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