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Auction Ended: Tuesday August 19th, 2008 at 8:00 PM PDT
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 FIGURED COLOGNE BOTTLE. 5 ¼” with pontil and early flared lip. Similar to McKearin plate 107-6. Here we have an early cologne and the first of five offered in this auction. These are generally dated from the 1830’s to the 60’s. As pointed out in McKearin, it is a little tough to assign an exact age. This is a colorless example with the bulb in the neck. Condition is Mint, a grade 10 cologne.  
$ 210
 FIGURED COLOGNE BOTTLE. 5 7/8” with rolled lip and pontil. Similar to McKearin plate 108-8. Here is another colorless fancy cologne in perfect condition. It is known that George McKearin had a number of these, and it’s obvious why. They are very early beautiful bottles with elaborate design. This one is a grade 10, Attic Mint.  
$ 200
 FIGURED COLOGNE BOTTLE. 5” with rolled lip and pontil. Similar to McKearin plate 107-3. Here is another beautiful example, this one is a medium aqua and also has the bulbous neck. Another superior condition example, this one may have a light scratch or two and we’ll simply grade it a 9. Super piece  
$ 200
 FIGURED COLOGNE BOTTLE. 3 ¾” with rolled lip and pontil. Similar to plate 109-1. Here is the shell shaped aqua example with a scalloped edge cartouch ribbed curving on reverse. Once again condition is about perfect with maybe a few light scratches but another solid 8.5 grade cologne. We don’t see a lot of these in this condition and variety.  
$ 275
 FIGURED COLOGNE BOTTLE. 4 ½” with flared lip and pontil. Floral spray on front, and two long-stemmed flowers (most likely roses) on reverse. This is a light aquamarine in perfect condition. A solid grade 9 in another unusual and intricate cologne.  
$ 200
 W.P. KNICKERBOCKER SODA WATER 164 18 ST NY 1848 WP. Applied blob top with iron pontil. Here is a terrific example of the Knickerbocker. This has a nice large top and all the graphite intact. A medium blue, it appears this has been cleaned and there are still some scratches but displays very well for a bottle from the 1850’s. Grades a 7 but displays much nicer.  
$ 450
 THOS MAHER in slugplate. Applied top. Here is a nice condition example, which appears to never have been cleaned, still retaining some very light wear but overall grades about an 8. A very pretty medium green.  
$ 200
 N. RICHARDSON & SON TRENTON NJ with “R” on reverse. Applied top with smooth base. Here’s a very high condition soda, this one is about perfect. Although not as old as some of the others in this auction, boy, this would be a hard one to improve. And check out that huge top! At first sight this one appears Mint, we’ll give it a conservative 8.5 grade.  
$ 180
 J. BROSEE MAYSVILLE MINERAL WATER. 1848-61. Maysville, Kentucky. Applied top and graphite pontil. A gentleman from Cincinnati sent this out and we were quite amazed upon opening the box. For a soda this early, condition is so pristine we have to believe it may have been used once and simply tossed under a house or left in an attic. All the graphite is intact and it is a beautiful medium blue. At first we thought it read “Marysville” which is a California city and would have made this as rare as a soda gets. However, for all we know, this could be just as rare as we cannot find a listing anywhere on this pristine piece. You’re bidding on a grade 9 pontiled soda from the 50’s. A slight roughness on the edge of the lip under a loupe reveals simply an in-making flaw mentioned only for accuracy. See video for close up. A super rare find from Cincinnati, there is a Maysville in Colorado, Georgia, Kentucky, Maine, North Carolina and Indiana. We belive, since the bottle was originally found in Ohio, it's pretty obvious Kentucky hit's the spot. New research gleaned over a 10 year period from a gentleman named Bill Boggs shed new light on Mr. John Brosee. He was in business in a two-story building in downtown Maysville, KY from 1848-68, which still stands and is now part of the bank of Maysville. Maysville by the way was originally known as Limestone. A river port, it was at one time a very popular town. Daniel Boone even had a saloon or tavern in Maysville which was torn down in the 1970's. Brosee eventially sold out to a gentleman named Glasscock. Brosee was married and the father of three chldren. You won't see this one for sale again for a while, at least in this condition.  
$ 7,500
 W EAGLE’S SUPERIOR SODA OR MINERAL WATERS with W.E. on reverse. Applied top and graphite pontil. Here’s a nice cobalt soda, there are few water bottles out there with the Eagle name. This has a few scratches and is about a 7 grade but has never been cleaned and has nice swirling through the glass with all the original graphite intact. A little roughness around lip really doesn’t detract.  
$ 200
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