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 THE BELFAST GINGER ALE CO SAN FRANCISCO CAL. Blob top. Here is a bottle that is quite rare and in fact this rare variant is maybe only the second one we have seen. Notice the slug area where the change in the mold was made. It should read SODA WATER before the GINGER ALE! It was found in an outhouse hole with a Reiners soda and an aqua Gerdes to give you an idea of the heady company it kept. Although there are a few scratches and a no harm open bubble on the base corner, this one is pure San Francisco. It’s been a long time since we’ve handled one of these, no doubt it will be quite some time before we have another. A really nice green aqua. Grades 8.5.  
$ 500
 THE BELFAST SODA WATER & GINGER ALE CO SAN FRANCISCO CAL. Tooled top. Here we have another variant of the previous lot, I guess you could say the third and most often seen variant. This one is much more common with the tooled top and is listed as having been made between 1877-86. A couple neat streaks of olive through the neck but also a couple scratches make this an 8 grade with a small ping on the “A” in “WATER.”  
$ 50
 TOLENAS SODA SPRINGS NATURAL MINERAL WATER. Here is a blob soda from San Francisco. According to Markota these were made from 1885-1906 and are listed as common. This one has a tiny ping near the right blob and toward the base. A little stain keeps this from being an 8 but generally a solid example.  
$ 40
 BOLEY & CO/SAC CITY CAL UNION GLASS WORKS PHILADa on reverse. We’re setting these sodas up in no particular order, so you will see pontiled variants mixed in with smooth base sodas. Here’s a beautiful Boley, this was professionally cleaned and came out extremely nice. These are a very early Sacramento soda made through the 50’s into the early 60’s. If you don’t have a Boley’s soda, here is a really nice one! Lou Lambert’s cleaning ability seems to be peaking.  
$ 275
 SUMMIT MINERAL WATER J.H. Blob top 1871-82. Here’s a scarce Sacramento soda and a heck of a good one at that! A nice green aqua with loads of whittle and other crude characteristics. This one is a keeper! A few scratches keep this one from being an 8.5 but truly a great example.  
$ 750
 LYNDE PUTNAM UNION GLASS WORKS/PHILADa. Here’s a strikingly beautiful bottle in a brilliant teal. These have the graphite pontil and this example was professionally cleaned. A lot of bubbles and crude characteristics in the glass make this a very interesting collectible. Just a few pontil abrasions (marks where the graphite was ground) are the only distractions mentioned only for accuracy.  
$ 425
 A.W. CUDWORTH & CO SAN FRANCISCO CAL. Here is a nice solid example of this well-known San Francisco soda. This has the graphite pontil and is a very strong specimen with a nice big top. As Cudworths go, this is one of the better we’ve seen. Just a hint of slight roughness on lip, see video as it is barely noticeable.  
$ 220
 BOLEY & CO./UNION GLASS WORKS PHILADa on reverse. Unlike the previous Boley, this example has never been cleaned. Bidders have the advantage of bidding on a bottle that has been cleaned and is in beautiful shape, or has not and has all its graphite intact and is possibly ready for a visit to Lou’s. Some people simply like the way “as dug” bottles look. Either way, this one is a fine addition to any collection. We’ll grade this an 8 with tremendous room for improvement.  
$ 300
 C & K EAGLE WORKS SAC CITY. Here’s a terrific example of a popular Sacramento bottle made when Sacramento was simply referred to as “Sac City” during the late 50’s and early 60’s. This could be a pontiled bottle, however it was most likely made in San Francisco. Just a terrific example, lightly cleaned with a few imperfections.  
$ 200
 THOMPSON’S PREMIUM MINERAL WATERS/UNION SODA WORKS SAN FRANCISCO. Blob top. Here is an unusually shaped ten pin from San Francisco. The little embossed design is meant to be a generator, which would provide the bubbles for the sparkling beverage. These are scarce. This one has a nicely applied top and overall nice crudity. A cleaned bottle, there are still a few very light scratches but overall a solid strike and a very appealing grade 8+ example.  
$ 250
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