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Auction Ended: Thursday August 20th, 2009 at 7:00 PM PDT
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 COTTLE POST & CO 1877-87. Here’s an Oregon soda that collectors like for it's beautiful teal coloration and embossed bird with wings spread. On closer look, it appears to be the Phoenix, rising from the ashes. At any rate, a solid example. Grade: Some typical wear and light scratches. Please remember soda water bottles generally grade much lower than other bottles. Grade 8.2.  
$ 275
 C & K EAGLE WORKS SAC CITY. 1858-66. This Sacramento soda comes in various shades of blue, there is also a variant you might watch for, it’s the C&R variant, same bottle but much rarer. A fairly light to medium blue. Grade: Cleaned. Some remaining scratches and wear with pressure ding on lip. Grade 7.3.  
$ 70
 P & B COLUSA CAL. 1887-88. A fairly rare bottle, this example has nice color and is in good condition. There is a star-like mark on the base. Deeper than usual green aqua. Grade: Very light stain with a few minor scratches and wear. Grade 8.7.  
$ 325
 BAY CITY SODAWATER CO. S.F. with star on reverse. 1871-80. Another popular Bay Area soda, these come in a myriad of colors, mostly with some blue involved. A desirable, albeit fairly common bottle with lots of embossing and often very whittled and crude. Medium blue. Grade: Some highpoint wear and a couple tiny flakes off lettering. Usual tiny scratches. Grade 8.2.  
$ 130
 CALIFORNIA NATURAL SELTZER WATER with embossed BEAR walking on grass and the initials H&G below the bear on reverse. 1875-80’s. Always a mainstay for collectors, great name, embossed bear, these aren’t terribly rare but this is a good one. Grade: Super condition, minor highpoint wear. Generally an 8.9.  
$ 300
 LOS ANGELES SODA & MINERAL WATER FACTORY. On reverse H.W. STOLL. 1875. Henry W. Stoll began in the business around 1873 and lasted for quite some time. He was also associated with the Excelsior Soda Factory (see lot 30) and it is thought this bottle was made using the same mold as the Excelsior Soda according to the late, great Peck Markota. Both bottles were made in 1875 so it makes sense despite the lack of a slugplate mark on either bottle. These are considered rare. A bluish aqua. Grade: Typical light wear and scratching. An overall fine condition soda. Grade 8.4.  
$ 425
 SAN RAFAEL SODA WORKS P&B PROPT’s. 1880’s. Here is a very rare soda from the Bay Area city of San Rafael. To our knowledge this is one of maybe only a couple we’ve ever handled. We have two San Rafael bottles in this auction, the other is a back bar whiskey (Lot 91). A tough one to find in good condition. Greenish aqua. Grade: Very minor wear. All around high condition example. Grade 8.9.  
$ 2,400
 PEARSON BROS. BODIE (304) The Pearson Bros. started out in 1882 and lasted until 1890’s. These rare gravitating stopper type bottles are one of the first made for a California concern. The base has the Patent date of Oct. 11, 1864 although the bottle is certainly not nearly that old. Applied top hutch style sodas are tough to find anywhere but the fact that this was made in Bodie is quite something. Apparently the brothers were able to create a water system which delivered water from Rough Creek into their own stone reservoir. Nice greenish aqua, more green than aqua. Grade: Very light haze with almost no wear. Super condition. Grade 9.2.  
$ 3,600
 NEW LIBERTY SW CO TRADE MARK S.F. with embossed head of woman. 1896-1902. Tooled top. Another bottle considered rare, Hermann Schmidt founded this company in the late 1890’s. Nice bluish aqua. Grade: Quite a bit of scratching and wear on this one. Grade 5.  
$ 100*
 COLUMBIA SODA WORKS S.F with seated liberty CC DALL on reverse. 1879-81. These desirable western sodas come in a number of colors although they are mostly found in shades of green or aqua. They’ve also been seen in amber and are a semi-rare soda with a lot of overall appeal. This is a darker than usual bluish aqua and quite a nice one at that. Grade: No highpoint wear just a few minor scratches. High condition example. Grade 9.3.  
$ 230
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