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Auction Ended: Tuesday June 1st, 2010 at 7:00 PM PST / 10:00 PM EST
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Auction Local Time: Feb 28, 2024 07:50:29 PST
Feb 28, 2024 10:50:29 EST

Auction 50 is now closed. We thank everyone who particpated and made this one of our best auctions. We will be getting bottles out as soon as we receive payment. Once again, thank you for being part of our 50th auction!
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 PEARSON BROS. BODIE. Hutch style with applied top. The Pearson Bros. hutch or gravitating stopper style bottle is a very desirable one indeed. As most of us know, Bodie is but a ghost town now, simply a relic of a once bustling California town. What remains are a few artifacts, mainly bottles, with the name “Bodie.” This particular bottle is probably the most desirable of any known. Second one we’ve seen in many years, bid accordingly. Grade: 9.8 Barely a visible scratch, just perfect. Nice applied top.  
$ 2,600
 BENICIA STEAM SODA WORKS CUSTAV GNAUCH. Tooled top. Here is another tough California hutch. A rare bottle, these were made from 1907-15. Grade: 9.4 Generally perfect.  
$ 140
 RIVERSIDE SODA WORKS. Tooled top. 1890-1920. “PCGW” on base. Another extremely hard bottle to find, we have some nice hutches in this sale. Once again, condition is superb. Grade: 9.4  
$ 190
 LEMAIRE. Tooled top. The Lemaire soda is what we call a Maverick Soda, which was made from about 1895-1913. A Battle Mountain, NV bottle, Lemaire started his saloon around 1877. This is the first example we have seen of this Nevada piece, it is thought there are less than five known. Grade: 9.1 with some in-making irregularities and some very minor highpoint wear, which can be viewed in video.  
$ 1,400
 HENRY BUSCH MINNEMUCCA NEV. Applied top. This Busch hutch has a misspelling that was never corrected. It is the first of four variants and was first made in 1885. This example has an applied top, so that makes perfect sense. Although the spelling error was never corrected, the bottles are still tough to find in any condition. Another interesting Nevada bottle and the first one we’ve sold in quite some time. Grade: About an 8.8 with no chips or dings, just a little stain and no highpoint wear. Has some nice whittle.  
$ 1,000
 JOHN RISSE GUNNISON CITY COL. Here is another tough hutch, this time from Colorado and it appears to have been cleaned, but still retains loads of whittle albeit along with some minor scratching and some wear near the base. Grade: 8.7 A great example if you do not have one yet.  
$ 160
 PIONEER SODA WORKS SAN FRANCISCO with monogram. Applied top. This is a larger than usual hutch/blob combination type bottle. With plenty of whittle and virtually no highpoint wear, it would be hard to complain about condition. Considered scarce, just a solid example. Grade: 9.2.  
$ 180
 EASTERN CIDER. Applied top. If you’re looking for an amber soda, there are not many to choose from. Here is a terrific example of this popular bottle. Grade: Virtually no highpoint wear or scratching. A hint of stain on the mouth but really nothing that keeps this bottle from grading 9.6.  
$ 250
 C&K EAGLE WORKS SAC CITY. Applied top. A cleaned bottle, this still retains a little light scratching but is generally very presentable. Grade: 8.2, sounds much worse than it is.  
$ 110
 BJ MCGEE BENICIA. Applied top. Here is one of a few bottles from Benicia, California’s first capital. This one has been cleaned and it helps immensely. Lots of whittle in a nice deep aqua. No problems whatsoever. Grade: 9.5 About perfect.  
$ 275
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