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Auction # 52

Auction Ended: Sunday May 15th, 2011 at 7:00 PM PDT / 10:00 PM EST
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Auction Local Time: July 22, 2024 22:27:09 PDT
July 23, 2024 01:27:09 EDT

The winner of the $500 cash prize is Jeff Scharnowske! We congratulate Jeff for his bids and now he can add another $500 to his bankroll. Thanks for the bids Jeff, and thanks to everyone who bid in Auction 52!
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Final Bid
 UNION GLASSWORKS PHILAD. Iron pontil. Here’s a bottle that could have been a star. There is a square area on the reverse where typically you will see the name of the company. Nonetheless, a good condition bright blue and very early soda. Some light overall wear, but generally not bad for a bottle this old and for being a soda. Grades 8.  
$ 130
 JC. PARKER & SON NEW YORK. Iron pontil. Here we have two different colors of this well-known soda. This one is more of a steel blue and although it looks cleaned, it’s in pretty darn good shape. We’d call this a Grade 8.5 with just the lightest possible signs of use.  
$ 170
 JC. PARKER & SON NEW YORK. Smooth base. Here is another Parker in a sky blue coloration. This one has an open bubble on the reverse, the size of a cantaloupe seed and is discolored. Otherwise, it displays nicely but please see video. Grades an 8 mostly because of the bubble.  
$ 70
 CLASSEN & CO SPARKLING with crossed anchors. Here is a tough western cider bottle that comes in various colors including this aqua. This needs cleaning and has a dent on the side lip. No glass missing, just a bruise. Grades a 7.5, could be much improved. A rare bottle with an untypical strong strike.  
$ 90
 SOUTHWICK & TUPPER NEW YORK. Here’s an example of Benicia glass at its best. Colors range from bright red to beautiful greens and blues. Bottle has a wonderfully nasty iron pontil, and the entire surface is covered in mineralization. There is a small open bubble near the base as seen in the photos and video. Hard to grade because we cannot see the glass, so we’ll safely call it a Grade 9.  
$ 550
 W.W. PARRISH JERSEY CITY NJ. This next lot has the large style lettering and typical wear you’ll find on sodas. The top is slightly rough but generally a presentable bottle. Grades an 8.  
$ 60
 E.L. HUSTING CO COCA COLA MILWAUKEE, WIS. Crown, ABM. This is the second example of this rare Coke we’ve sold. The last one did quite well. These are probably made around the 1920’s by machine. Nonetheless, here is a great condition bottle with just the most minute distractions. Grades 9.4  
$ 850
 THE EXCELSIOR WATER. Iron pontil. Here’s a bold 8-sided teal soda with curved “R’s” much like you’d see coming from the west. This is certainly an eastern bottle however. Pretty nice shape and never cleaned, you’re getting a solid and very early soda here. Grades 8.5.  
$ 325
 CHASE & CO MINERAL WATER SAN FRANCISCO. Iron pontil. Here’s a top specimen with all iron intact. Possibly cleaned but still a real looker. If you’re looking for one of these, the Chase is over! Grades a solid 9+.  
$ 275
 W.H. BURT SAN FRANCISCO. Iron pontil. Here is another high quality western soda made in the east. This one appears uncleaned and in superior condition. We can easily give this a 9.5, and that is saying something for an 1850’s soda.  
$ 425
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