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 PACIFIC & PUGET SOUND SODA WORKS SEATTLE W.T. Hutchinson with applied top. We’ll start this auction with this hard to find hutch, which is actually maybe closer to a gravitating stopper style soda. There is a diamond on the base, and please notice the Washington Territory designation. Washington became a state in 1889. Most of these have tooled tops. A super conditioned example, we’re noticing just the slightest hint of stain but overall, a terrific example. You’ll have a hard time finding a better one. Grades a 9.7.  
$ 275
 DISTILLED SODA WATER OF ALASKA. This is a tooled top and it is 7 3/8” with 10-sided mug base. These are a fairly hard to find Alaska hutch. This example has a small flake on the right lip and some other minor imperfections. Most occurred near the corner of the base. It is imperative to view this online. Condition Grades an 8.2.  
$ 600
 NOME BREWING & BOTTLING CO. Hutch with tooled top. 8” This is one of the rarest of the Alaskan soda bottles and the same one we sold from the Grapentine Collection. As we pointed out in the previous sale, this bottle is in superb condition with just a tiny hint of roughness on the “G” in “BOTTLING.” Otherwise a 9.7 Grade beauty and one we are proud to offer once again.  
$ 950
 A.W. MEYER 1885 SAVANNAH GA. Hutch with tooled top 7 ¼”, professionally cleaned. These beautifully colored sodas, while not particularly rare, still capture collectors interest for their sheer beauty and brilliant turquoise coloration. This one has loads of whittle. There is some natural distortion of the letter “A” and some flat roughness on the neck caused by the wire bale. This is a bottle that appears in super condition at first glance but under magnification begins to show small scratches and areas smoothed by the cleaning process. This is another ex-Grapentine bottle. Grades an 8.1.  
$ 210
 M. MC’CORMACK’S CELEBRATED GINGER ALE NASHVILLE TENN THIS BOTTLE NEVER SOLD with ALM on shoulder. Applied top. Here is a scarce and beautiful blue soda that measures 8 ¼”. At first glance this one appears to be sparkling mint. As we get closer, we are noticing a 1/8” pressure type ding on the shoulder next to the “A”. We also notice a little scratching and wear around the neck, an obvious sign of the wire bale. Generally, however, this is a wonderful example with lots to like. Most of the bottle is in beautiful condition and we will certainly point out any other minor imperfections in our video. Grades a 9.1.  
$ 250*
 S. PABLO. NO 70 ELYSIAN FIELDS. ST NO. 8” Applied top with “S” in slug plate on reverse and iron pontil. Here’s an odd one to be sure. There are a number of variants of the Pablo bottles and whomever chose the embossing on some was either very clever or had an unusual sense of design. The overall design and wording are wacky but makes for a neat bottle. This has a ½” pressure type bruise on the back lip, which is hard to see. There is a fair amount of wear and stain, however, this bottle has not been cleaned. A collection of all the Pablo bottles could be an adventure, here’s a start.  
$ 190
 SACRAMENTO EAGLE with applied top and iron pontil. 7” Here is an early variant of this popular soda, this one without the slug plate. What came first, the eagle or the slug plate? In this case the eagle, as it’s believed the eagles evolved and changed as new plates were created. This example has some light whittle. There is a little light scratching, pretty much throughout the exterior. However, the bottle has never been cleaned. Another we’d suggest taking a look at the online video. We’ll Grade this an 8.8.  
$ 210
 EASTERN CIDER CO. Blob top, 7 ¼”. Smooth base, professionally cleaned. Some nice whittle on this, however, it has been lightly cleaned. An overall amazingly good condition example. Displays great and Grades a 9.4.  
$ 130
 KIMBALL & CO. Blob top with iron pontil. Here’s a terrific example of this scarce western soda. A beautiful cobalt blue, there are a few light scratches but overall the whittle and good condition make up for it. Grades a 9.0.  
$ 400
 OWEN CASEY. Blob top with smooth base. Hard to find a prettier Owen Casey than this one. Fresh to the market, this came out of an old time Sacramento collection. Loads of whittle and did we mention the deep blue cobalt? A real sparkler that Grades a 9.4.  
$ 190
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