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Auction Ended: Sunday December 18th, 2011 at 7:00 PM PDT / 10:00 PM EST
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 C& K EAGLE WORKS SAC CITY. 7” Applied top. Here is a popular western soda from what used to be called Sac City. This is a terrific example in super shape and does not appear to have much of anything in the way of scratching, wear, etc. Probably cleaned but overall a real looker. Grade 9.  
$ 210
 C.A. REINERS & CO 723 TURK ST SF. With IMPROVED MINERAL WATER and crescent moon on reverse. 7” with applied top. These aqua San Francisco sodas are a popular one. With loads of embossing and a crescent moon with three stars, it’s no wonder why. This is a nice bluish aqua and appears to be pretty much flawless. Just a hint of wear on the shoulders and a slight bit of roughness near the base, seen really only under magnification. Grades 9.  
$ 120
 CRYSTAL SODA WATER CO PATENTED NOV. 12-1872 U.S. PT. 7 ½” Applied top. These interesting bottles come in different colors and variants. This is a nice overall example with the blob style top and in superior condition. Some light whittle and really no distractions to speak of. Grades a 9.4, we’d just call it Mint.  
$ 300
 NAPA SODA HAAS BROS. NATURAL MINERAL WATER. 7 ¼” Applied top. This is one of the many Napa Soda bottles available to collectors today. This is slightly dull but generally problem free. In other words, just the lightest exterior cleaning would probably do wonders. There is some fairly heavy case wear around the blob top, but generally a Grade 8.4 bottle.  
$ 275
 NAPA SODA NATURAL MINERAL WATER. 7 ¼” Applied top. And yet another Napa Soda, this one has some decent wear on the shoulder and near the base. The “P” in Napa has a small chip. An average bottle that could be vastly improved. Grades an 8.  
$ 160
 JAMES RAY SAVANNAH GEO with GINGER ALE on reverse. 7 ¾” Tooled top. This one is about as blue as blue gets, even heading into that deep violet hue. This bottle has been considerably polished but nonetheless will certainly stand out on your shelf. There is a light cloudy area in the top and although there’s lots of overall whittle, it’s difficult to see because of the deep color. Grades an 8.  
$ 275
 SMITH & CO PREMIUM SODA WATER CHARLESTON. 8” Eight-sided. Here’s a pretty example of one of a number of Smith sodas. A beautiful greenish blue, this one needed some exterior cleaning and has a small pressure ding near the base. No glass missing, just a pressure type bruise. Some light highpoint wear but overall a better than average iron pontiled South Carolina soda. Grades 8.8.  
$ 425
 PABLO. NO 70 ELYSIAN FIELDS NO. with “S” on reverse. 7 ½” Iron pontil this bottle was just cleaned and still retains a little orange peel and a ½” bruise on the inside of the lip. Despite the horrible sounding condition, it does display very nicely with its large top and overall crudity. We’ll Grade this an 8.4 although it does look much nicer.  
$ 140
 P. BABB BALT O. 7 ¼” Iron pontil. All we can say on a bottle of this caliber is bravo! This one has all of its original graphite and just what you might call some usage wear. In other words, there are some scratches—very light, but the bottle appears Mint. No highpoint wear and is as nice as they come. Grades a 9.5.  
$ 375
 WM. RUSSELL. 7” Applied top, iron pontil. Lots of whittle and overall appeal on this early soda. There is some light scratching however with backlight, it all seems to disappear. A professionally cleaned bottle, this is not a top specimen but certainly worthy of any collection. Grades 8.5.  
$ 100
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