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Auction Ended: Sunday April 29th, 2012 at 7:00 PM PDT / 10:00 PM EST
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Auction Local Time: Dec 1, 2023 09:08:30 PST
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Auction 55 is over. Thanks for all the great bids and we appreciate you helping to make this a successful auction.
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 UKIAH SODA WORKS UKIAH CAL. Hutch 7” Tooled top with metal closure. Here’s a tough hutch to find from a northern most California town. Some interior haze but generally problem free and not much wear to talk about. Grades a 9.2.  
$ 120
 EUREKA-CALIFORNIA SODA WATER CO S.F. with embossed eagle. 6 ¾” Possibly unique in amethyst. Tooled top. Here is another bottle from San Francisco. This one has an eagle that looks more like a seagull. We've never seen one in amethyst. Has some light wear on the highpoints and some interior stain. Tiny tink off base. Still has metal closure. Rare colorl Grades an 8.5.  
$ 650
 SOMPS & HERVE SAN FRANCISCO, CAL. 7 ¼” with mug base and applied top. This is one that is not listed in Markota, although the Somps name is recognized. The Herve name is also familiar. A fairly early hutch, this has some highpoint wear on the lower letters and of course the mug base. Basically an 8.5 hutch and the first one we’ve seen.  
$ 230
 KOCA NOLA J ESPOSITO 812 & 814 WASHINGTON AVE PHILADA. Tooled top 7 ¾” with “JE” monogram on base. Yellowish amber tooled top. There is an open bubble over the “AV” in “AVE” but it is hardly noticed in this fully embossed and quite striking hutch. Really no highpoint wear to speak of, certainly a specimen. If you’re looking for the Esposito bottle, you’d be hard pressed to find one better than this. There are four Esposito Koca Nola hutches known and some fifty embossed and color variations including crown top soda bottles. It is believed there were 36 different franchises. A rare and desirable Koca Nola hutch has sold for as much as $5,000! Grades a 9.7 without the bubble.  
$ 1,000
 PEARSON BROS. BODIE. Applied top, gravitating stopper style. 7 ¼” When it comes to hutches of gravitating stopper style sodas, few posses the desirability of this bottle. While the base is not embossed, they do come with information on the patent. Apparently they also come with a tooled top, this one being applied. They were made between 1882-91 and have never been more popular. This outstanding example is free of any sort of wear whatsoever. It is also a fairly deep aqua with nice light overall crudity. Truly a top specimen, there are not a lot of these to go around. Grades a 9.7.  
$ 2,800
 RICHMOND SODA WORKS RSW POINT RICHMOND. 7” with tooled top. 1902-15. Here is a rare western hutch in beautiful condition, we can’t imagine a better example. This one has virtually no highpoint wear and is almost unimprovable. Grades a 9.7.  
$ 425
 SOUTH MCALESTER BOTTLING WORKS SOUTH MCALESTER IND. TER. Tooled top. We were lucky enough to recently obtain a collection of sodas. Which included territory and colored hutches along with some blob style examples. We are offering these over the next couple auctions. Here’s a scarce Indian Territory bottle, and like most of these is the first we’ve sold. Chadick and his investors purchased land to the south of McAlester's General Store, and where the two rail lines crossed formed a natural trading crossroads, and quickly became a bustling community designated as South McAlester. The original town location became known familiarly as North McAlester or North Town although early U.S. Census records simply identified it as McAlester. Condition is pretty good with a few scratches and wear here and there. Hutches are a real tough animal to find in good condition, we are offering some of the better examples. This one Grades an 8.5.  
$ 550
 BONANZA BOTTLING CO. DAWSON, N.W.T. 7 ¾” Tooled top. Here is a real beauty from the Northwest Territory. It is a four-piece, taller than usual example. Loaded with whittle, it is quite a striking example. There is some wear on the lower letters and a scratch or two but otherwise this one displays absolutely mint. Dawson is now a ghost town merged with a tourist destination. They've managed to combine the old with the new. Click below for more information. Grades an 8.9. Est. $300-500.  
$ 800
 H.O. KRUEGER GRAND FORKS DAK. Applied top. 7 ¼” Thanks to some well respected collectors we've received more information on these territory hutches. This example is from Dakota Territory, not really having anything to do with Oklahoma. “WIS. GLASS CO. MLW” on base. An early hutch, this has some decent crudity and is evident it’s fairly old. Condition is very nice with just a little haze. Grades 9.5, a terrific hutch from Dakota Territory.  
$ 375
 STAR BOTTLING WORKS ANADARKO. O.T. T.&M. 6 7/8” (Catalog had D.T. which should have been O.T.) Here’s an Oklahoma Territory bottle with the tooled top. Of the bottles we received, many were either Oklahoma or Indian Territory. This one has a shade of amethyst and is in really nice condition with just a small flake or open bubble on the front heel. Back base has initials “I.G. CO. 433.” A neat example that Grades 8.9.  
$ 800
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