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Auction # 56

Auction Ended: Sunday August 26th, 2012 at 7:00 PM PDT / 10:00 PM EST
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Auction Local Time: Dec 1, 2023 08:03:27 PST
Dec 1, 2023 11:03:27 EST

Auction 56 is over and we want to thank all of our customers who helped make it a great one! We were very happy with the results and look forward to auction 57. Without our wonderful customers and consignors we wouldn't be here. Best of luck and health to everyone out there.
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 PROPERTY OF MONTEREY SODA WORKS CAL HUTCH. Tooled top. Open bubble, small lip flake, and a touch of highpoint wear keeps this one from being mint. Grades 8.0.  
$ 150
 OCCIDENTAL BOTTLING WORKS OCCIDENTAL CAL HUTCH. Tooled top “BP” on base. Super condition four-piece mold, a hard to find hutch. Grades 9.0 with faint highpoint wear.  
$ 100
 HOFFMAN BRO’S CHEYENNE W.T. Applied top, “H” on base. PC*. Small bruise on lip and base area. Lots of whittle and presents well. Grades 8.0. *Professionally cleaned. Note:*PC is short for Professionally Cleaned in every description that has it.  
$ 200
 MILWAUKEE BOTTLING CO SPOKANE FALLS W.T. Tooled top. A nice condition Washington Territory hutch. Some highpoint wear and a few scratches, generally a looker. Grades 8.7.  
$ 275
 H. DENHALTER & SON SALT LAKE CITY U.T. With “McG.” In tiny letters on reverse base area. Applied top. An overall nice Utah Territory with loads of whittle. Some light scratching and highpoint wear but overall, a real nice one. Grades 7.0.  
$ 80
 H. DENHALTER & SON SALT LAKE CITY U.T. Tooled top. Tiny bruise on lip “McG.” On reverse base. A little haze but generally very presentable. Grades 7.0.  
$ 100
 HOBART BOTTLING WORKS A.E. FRITSCHE MGR. HOBART, O.T. Tooled top PC. A few remaining scratches to each side but overall a very presentable Oklahoma Territory hutch. Grades 8.0.  
$ 120
 EL. RENO BOTTLING WORKS L. RENO O.T. Tooled top. Another fairly scarce territory hutch, this one we decided not to clean and it remains quite considerable. Some highpoint wear. Grades 8.0.  
$ 110
 BLACK ROGERS BOTTLERS OKLAHOMA TERR./ B & R on base. Tooled top, 10-sided mug base, PC. This bottle was a little problematic when we received it and although it’s been cleaned, it has still seen better days. Basically the cleaning helped some of the overall stain but you can’t clean small chips and that sort of thing. We will grade this at a 7 with various imperfections. A fairly scarce bottle to find, we like the fact that Oklahoma is spelled out. Otherwise not the greatest condition example but a nice one for the beginner.  
$ 140
 POTEAU BOTTLING WORKS POTEAU I.T. Tooled top with “S” on base. This one is a little banged up, we’ll call it rough. The backside appears to have a bubble and a couple other odd marks, please check the photos. Grades 7.0.  
$ 80
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