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 GROUP OF THREE OWEN CASEY EAGLE SODA WORKS. Here is an instant collection of the well-known Owen Casey Sodas, all terrific examples in perfect condition. They all have whittle and each is a different color. The green example has striations of olive through the neck and loads of whittle. Just a little wear and a few very light scratches. These three uncleaned examples grade a 9.5. Est. $200-$500.  
$ 375
 C.&K. EAGLE WORKS SAC CITY. Here is another blob soda from the west. This one appears to have been cleaned and there is a tiny ding on the “T” in “City.” Still an overall beautiful example. Grades an 8.5. Est. $50-$100.  
$ 150
 C.&R. EAGLE WORKS SAC CITY. Here is the variation of the previous lot and is much harder to find. For every hundred C.&K.’s you might find one of these. This is deep cobalt blue with some wear in the shoulder and base area with a scratch on the right side of the neck. Generally a great condition example for a bottle that almost never comes up. We’ll safely grade this an 8.5. You will not be disappointed. Est. $500-$1,000.  
$ 850
 J.N.GERDES S.F. Eight-Sided. We happened to pick up some nice examples of this bottle in varying colors. This green example has the typical small dings on some of the corner-bases, but otherwise displays beautifully. Est. $200-$300.  
$ 130
 J.N. GERDES S.F. Eight-Sided. This bluish example has a few scratches but has never been cleaned. Definitely a deeper and more desirable blue/aqua. These all came from the late Pat Patocka Collection. Grades an 8.5. A tough one to beat. Est. $200-$300.  
$ 150
 CHAMPAGNE MEAD Eight-Sided. Here is the first of the Champagne Meads in a beautiful olive green. Loads of overall crudity. There is a pressure ding on the front shoulder and a small annealing check on the back panel, measuring 3/8’s of an inch. The distractions are unfortunate, as this is one of the nicest non-pontiled western sodas we’ve seen. If you can live with the damage, you’ll have a superb western soda. Pat Patocka Collection. Grades a 7.5. Est. $400-$800.  
$ 500
 CHAMPAGNE MEAD Eight-Sided. Here is another example from the Pat Patocka Collection that arguably has to be one of the crudest examples around. It is absolutely covered in whittle and crudity and has the original metal closure. The corner bases aren’t even sharp enough to procure the tiny nicks that the eight-sided sodas often do. However there is a small flake off one back corner. The rest of the bottle is simply so crude that it is hard to get a read on condition but a thorough viewing tells us it is otherwise just about perfect with a tiny flake on the inside of the lip. This is one you’re buying for its amazing overall presentation. The distractions are hardly noticeable. Grades an 8.5. Est. $200-$500.  
$ 150
 CHAMPAGNE MEAD Eight-Sided. Here is the final example in a beautiful ice blue with overall nice crudity and in about perfect condition. One could argue there is slight bit of roughness on the inside of the lip and we think it’s best to check the video out to verify it. Otherwise this one displays dead mint in a beautiful and rare blue. Grades a 9.8. Est. $300-$600.  
$ 180
 BAY CITY SODA WATER CO S.F w/ STAR ON REVERSE. A beautiful deeper than usual Bay City, this one has been cleaned. Check video for a better look. This one displays nicely. Grades an 8.8. Est. $100-$150.  
$ 140
 BAY CITY SODA WATER CO S.F w/ STAR ON REVERSE. Here is another Bay City, this one in a sky blue. This bottle has never been cleaned. There are a few light scratches, especially near the front base. Displays like it’s mint. Grades a 9. Est. $100-$150.  
$ 240
 CRYSTAL SODA WATER CO on reverse PATENTED NOV. 12 – 1872 TAYLOR’S U.S. PT. Here is the Crystal with an unusual top. To our knowledge there is no other soda like it. This has a tiny flake off the edge of the lip and a few scratches, but never cleaned. Displays about mint. Grades an 8 because of the flake. Est. $100-$200.  
$ 130
 HOLLISTER & CO. HONOLULU. Applied blob top. A fairly hard to find soda made in San Francisco. These also come in a Hutchinson style. This one has a little dullness on the blob although we are not sure why as the bottle itself has never been cleaned. An overall nice example that grades a 9. Est. $300-$500.  
$ 300
 NAPA SODA PHIL CADUC on reverse NATURAL MINERAL WATER. Here is another extremely crude example of a fairly common western soda. The color is also a nice brilliant teal/aqua. Don’t we wish all sodas looked like this? Grades a 9.8. Est. $50-$100.  
$ 120
 B&G SAN FRANCISCO on reverse SUPERIOR MINERAL WATER w/ Mug Base. Here we have one of the finest examples of Benicia glass we’ve ever encountered. Another bottle from the Patocka Collection, this has all the colors of the rainbow completely covering the bottle. The glass itself appears to be perfect. If you collect Benicia, it doesn’t get much better. Grades a 9.8. Est. $500-$800.  
$ 1,900
 B.R. LIPPINCOTT & CO STOCKTON on reverse SUPERIOR MINERAL WATER UNION GLASSWORKS w/ Mug Base. Graphite Pontil. Here is a bottle we don’t see much anymore and is highly desired by western soda collectors. This one has been cleaned and there are still a couple areas of scratching. Overall it displays beautifully and leans to the right. (not politically) Grades a 9. Est. $1,000-$2,000.  
$ 1,600
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