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Thanks everyone for making this one of our best auctions. You are the best customers in the world. Good luck and enjoy your Fourth of July holiday. Jeff, Chi Chi and Dennis the Menace
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 VISALIA SODA WORKS. Hutchinson, tooled top. Here’s a hutch we have not seen before, and is listed in Markota as rare. Made between 1884-1920. Most likely, most of them were unembossed. Grades 9.7  
$ 180
 JURGENS & PRICE BOTTLERS HELENA MONT. Tooled top hutch with mug base. We had this example cleaned and it appears much more presentable. A nice example of this Montana hutch. Grades 8.8.  
$ 120
 PEARSON BROS. BODIE. Applied top. Here is a gorgeous example of this highly desired gravitating stopper style hutch. A nice light blue, this was found in a creek bed by a little girl who was fishing with her father. Fifty years later, it is now appearing in our auction. There is a quarter inch flake off the base, which barely creeps up to the side. It is unnoticeable when sitting on a shelf. The photograph accompanied the bottle and we believe it is the consignor with her siblings standing on the front porch of the Bodie church. With original stopper, this is one of the most desirable hutches in the hobby today. Grades 9.9 without the flake.  
$ 850
 EXCELSIOR SODA & MINERAL WATER FACTORY. Applied top. WE'VE ADDED A NEW PICTUE TO THIS LOT AS WE FOUND A FLAW IN THE MOUTH. PLEASE LOOK BEFORE BIDDING. IF YOU'VE BID ON THIS ITEM AND WANT TO RETRACT YOUR BID PLEASE LET US KNOW. Here’s a very hard to find soda from Los Angeles. There aren’t a lot of bottles made in the 70’s that read L.A. on them. Here is a real beauty in light green aqua. Grades a 9.6 with just a tiny scratch or two.  
$ 1,400
 MCFARLAND PHILADA/REGISTERED ACCORDING TO LAW on reverse. Applied top and iron pontil. Not only is this example a superb blue green color, the condition is about as good as it gets with these early sodas. Maybe not the rarest, but you can’t beat the overall color and crudity. All graphite intact. Grades 9.8.  
$ 200
 J. LAKE. SCHENECTADY NY. Applied top and graphite pontil. Another beautiful soda in a bit of a ten-pin shape this has some light highpoint wear but all iron is intact. Lots of whittle, you’ll be glad you bid on this one. A beautiful and brilliant blue. Grades a 9.4+.  
$ 600
 M.A. RUE CRANBURY N.J. Applied top and iron pontil. Here’s a scarce teal green soda that has some light wear but very presentable. Really, very little highpoint wear on the embossing. Grades a 9.2. We mistook the ""C," for a "G." Please forgive for that one. So many sodas. We understand Cranbury is a nice little town near Highstown, NJ. Thank you Bob!  
$ 650
 IRA HARVEY PROVIDENCE R.I. 7 3/8" high and 2 3/4" diameter. Applied tapered top with open pontil. THIS BOTTLE HAS NOT BEEN CLEANED. This bottle was found by the Postmaster General of Plymouth Mass in 1920 in Wareham, Mass. The bottle was then purchased by Joe around 40 years ago from the same gentleman. We've heard conflicting stories on how many are in existence, everything from this one, to possibly a few. It's very hard to know e.g. nobody was aware of this example. We are aware of a couple of these selling at auction, one in 1992 and another in 2007. We don't know if they were the same bottle but we do know they weren't this one. We do know the condition is perfect and although we were asked if it had been cleaned, we leaned towards it possibly being cleaned but really couldn't tell. At the Reno Bottle Show this weekend it was confirmed by a long time expert that he felt it had not been cleaned. At any rate, it may be some time before you have another shot at one, especially in this condition. Loads of whittle, great open pontil. Here is one that has the color, crudity, and rarity. Grades a 9.7. Joe Wood collection.  
$ 14,000
 PACIFIC CONGRESS WATER SPRINGS SARATOGA CALIFORNIA with running deer. SAGES PACIFIC CONGRESS SPRINGS on reverse. Applied top, smooth base. This is the rarer variant of the running deer Congress Water. A lime green like all rare and beautiful bottles, they seem to be getting harder to find. This one is perfect, as these bottles are notorious for having icepick lip chips. Here’s a grade 9.7+ example.  
$ 4,200
 OAK ORCHARD ACID SPRINGS ADDRESS GW. MERCHANT LOCKPORT NY. Applied top and smooth base. What a gorgeous example in a beautiful Lockport color variation. We never tire of these magnificent. Highly whittled and beautiful pieces. Grades a safe 9.8.  
$ 110
 HIGHROCK CONGRESS SPRING C & W SARATOGA N.Y. Pint with embossed rock. S-37 Applied top and smooth base. Here is a beautiful example in an amber topaz. Lots to like here with a myriad of bubbles and overall crudity. Grades a 9.8+. No real distractions whatsoever.  
$ 550
 GROUP OF FIVE POISON BOTTLES 3 ¾” and smaller. Here is a nice little grouping for you poison collectors. Includes an eye cup, all bottles are around a Grade 9.8.  
$ 400
 COLOGNE with applied top. 10-sided, 4” with applied lip. Here is a dainty lavender cologne, this one has to be Sandwich. Just a pretty little piece for you cologne collectors. Grades 9.9.  
$ 120
 1876 CENTENIAL COLOGNE with EMBOSSED UNION SHIELD AND CROWNS. 5 1/8” Smooth base. Here is a beautiful puce cologne, most likely made in 1876. This is the first we’ve seen and as you can see, it is highly decorated. This is your true puce with the traditional embossing of crowns, the union seal and other American symbols commonly seen on pieces commemorating the 100th anniversary of our national independence. Perfect condition. Grades a 9.8. Joe Wood collection.  
$ 650
 KEEFER THE DRUGGIST PHOENIX A.T. DOSE GLASS. 1 ¾” Here is a neat little Arizona Territory dose glass we rarely see these come to auction. These have to Grade a 10.  
$ 650
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