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Auction Ended: Sunday January 19th, 2014 at 7:00 PM PDT / 10:00 PM EST
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Auction Local Time: June 4, 2023 12:42:32 PDT
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Auction 59 is now closed. We thank you for all your bids and for being the best customers any auction could hope for. We will be sending out invoices via email and US Mail tomorrow and we encourage you to call us if you want to use a credit card to pay. Once again, we thank you for another successful auction!
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 M.R. SACRAMENTO/UNION GLASSWORKS PHILa on reverse. 1851-63. Applied top, graphite pontil. Seasoned soda collectors know that these bottles come in basically two variants, one has the misspelled Sacrimento and the other doesn’t. This is the correctly spelled variant which ironically enough seems to be as rare as the correctly spelled variant. It appears not many people cared how Sacramento was spelled. At any rate, a beautiful problem free blue example with a lot to like. The pictures tell the story. Grades an 8.5.  
$ 2,000
 SAN PEDRO SODA & BOTTLING WORKS. Tooled top, 1890-96. F.M. Hult was listed as being in business for only six years. These are considered extremely rare. This has some light scratching but overall is very presentable with little or no highpoint wear. Grades 8.5.  
$ 325
 TAHITI LEMONADE WORKS COMPANY HONOLULU H.I. Cod-stopper type, 8 ½”. Applied top. These unusual Hawaiian sodas are fairly early and this is a good one. Like most we see, it has a fair amount of wear but overall would grade an 8.2.  
$ 375
 HAWAIIAN SODA WORKS HONOLULU. With screw-in stopper and applied top. Here is a pristine example of this scarce soda. We would grade this one an easy 8.9+.  
$ 450
 CRYSTAL SODA WORKS HONOLULU H.I. Another rare hutch with the tooled top. Lots to like here, bubbles and crudity. The name below Crystal has been slugged out. Grades a 9.3.  
$ 90
 EMPIRE SODA WORKS SAN FRANCISCO. 1861-71, blob top. Here’s a soda that is one of a number of different variants. This one is a beautiful green and you can see where the “DS & CO” was peened out. Nice bubbles and overall crudity, aside from a bit of haze and a few scratches, this one is a real winner. Grades a 9.3.  
$ 900
 TAHOE SODA SPRINGS. NATURAL MINERAL WATER on reverse. Tooled top. A hard to find soda made from the waters flowing into Lake Tahoe. The springs were located on Carnelian Bay at the north end of Lake Tahoe. An interesting example of a scarce bottle which contained water from one of our best known national treasures, Lake Tahoe. Some high-point wear on a couple letters, but generally an overall terrific example with a few scratches here and there. We’ll call it a 9.3.  
$ 650
 C.A. REINERS & CO. SAN FRANCISCO. TRADE MARK WITH MOON AND STARS on reverse. Rare variant without the Turk St. address. 1873-75. Here is an exceptional example of the popular Reiner’s soda bottle. Of all the examples we’ve seen this may be only the second one without the address. Its possible Reiner had these made while in partnership with John Breig, running the Eureka Soda Works and once he settled in on Turk St. he added the address. At any rate, this is a tough one to beat, lots of whittle, a super teal example and a super strike. Grades a 9.4.  
$ 500
 WM EAGLE PREMIUM SODA WATER NEW YORK. 8-Sided with graphite pontil. Just looking at the bottle it appears mint. Bottle has been cleaned but still retains all original graphite. Lots of whittle in a beautiful green coloration. There are numerous imperfections which are pretty much smoothed out by the cleaning. Still displays beautifully. Grades a 8.5.  
$ 300
 LUKE BEARD 10-pin with pontil and original closure. Here is an attractive teal example of this scarce soda. With only a hint of wear, this one is about as good as they get. Grades a 9.5.  
$ 600
 EXCELSIOR SODA & MINERAL WATER FACTORY. Applied top, 1875. This is one of the few really early Los Angeles bottles, a soda made for one year only. The proprietor was listed as Fritz Aockerblum on Main Street. After this bottle was made, they used the mold to fashion another bottle with the L.A. name embossed on it. That was produced for a Henry W. Stoll from 1875 until 1884. Those bottles are also listed as rare although not nearly as hard to find as this beauty. Found in a trash pit in the land of Hollywood, this is a blue aqua and condition is quite nice. Virtually no high-point wear, it has but a tiny bit of roughness on the base. The embossing is quite strong and the bottle is an all-around beauty. One of the better we've seen, they really only come in shades of aqua. Grades a 9.1, there is a good deal of whittle with just a light amount of haze. Very presentable and perfect like it is.  
$ 1,200
 D. MORRISTOWN N.J. 10-sided mug base. Smooth base. A pristine example that has been cleaned but looks very nice on the shelf. Some of these older sodas can come out pretty nasty when dug, this one appears mint. This is only one of a few known and although we undervalued it in the catalog it's a far rarer bottle than we were aware. There is an "N," variant we are aware of but this is the first "D," variant we've handled. A very hard to come by example and one we're happy to present. Grades an 8.9 for the cleaning.  
$ 1,000
 BOLEY & CO SAC CITY CAL. / UNION GLASSWORKS on reverse. Graphite pontil. The Boley sodas are not rare but popular for their outstanding color and crudity. This one has been cleaned but still displays beautifully on your shelf. Grades an 8.5 due to the cleaning.  
$ 275
 SARATOGA SPRING WITH STAR. Smooth base. S-52A, quart. Here’s a beautiful amber example with some olive. Loads of whittle and bubbles. As nice as they come. Grades a 9.7.  
$ 220
 HIGHROCK CONGRESS SPRINGS C&W SARATOGA NY. Quart. Here’s another beautiful example from the Stanley Sarancack (sic) collection. A nice bright green example with bubbles and light crudity. Terrific condition, this one grades a 9.6.  
$ 500
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