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 A.M’FARLAND PHILADA. REGISTERED ACCORDING TO LAW. Blob top, iron pontil. A pretty blue/green soda, this one is early and in great condition. Grades a 9.6, not bad for such an early pontiled soda.  
$ 120
 CRYSTAL SODA WATER CO/PATENTED NOV. 12-1872 TAYLOR’S U.S. PT. Applied top. This example has the hole in the top, which held a pin to keep the cork from coming out. But enough about the top, check out this amazing example. A deep aqua with strong strike; about as good as they get. We’ve got to grade this one a 9.8.  
$ 275
 BAY CITY SODA WATER CO SF. Applied top. Professionally cleaned, this has a radiating potstone on reverse—very tiny. Overall a beautiful example with a lot to like. Grades an 8 simply because of the stone.  
$ 130
 J. KENNEDY MINERAL WATER PITTSBURGH. Iron pontil with JK on reverse. Despite some shoulder scratching, this one is in great condition. Whittle and all iron intact. Grades 8.5.  
$ 90
 JOHN RYAN PORTER & ALE PHILADa XX 1866. Applied top. Here is a nice blue example with lots of bubbles and whittle. There is some roughness on the lower collar but otherwise would grade an 8.  
$ 200
 GEORGE C.H. GEMUENDEN with BROWN STOUT on reverse. Applied top, pontil. Here is an unusual and scarce beer and the first one we have ever sold. A medium green, an overall nice condition example with typical crudity. There are other variants of his bottles, this one grades an 8.8.  
$ 190
 ALBERT VON HARTEN SAVANNAH, GA. Tooled, blob style top. Here we are back to the standard soda shape, this one having the tooled top. Color is outstanding; we don’t see many like this. Condition is exemplary and condition is terrific with just some very light wear. An easy 8.5 but displays much better.  
$ 130
 WHITNEY GLASSWORKS GLASSBORO N.J. on base with monogram on bottle.GETTYSBURG KATALYSINE WATER. Applied top 10”. Tucker M-19 Here’s a bottle that was sent to us from Glassboro. We did some research and could not find another example that was comparable. We were making guesses on the monogram and we thought it could simply be “WGW” for the Glassworks. We had Devin Molleman call us and he said the monogram stands for GETTYSBURG KATALYSINE WATER. Condition is overall a grade 9, here’s a very rare bottle from the well-known Whitney Glassworks, creators of the Indian Queen, E.G. Booze and a host of other iconic bottles.  
$ 220
 FROM THE LABORATORY OF G.W. MERCHANT CHEMIST LOCKPORT NY. Applied top, 5 ¾” Here is what we like to consider as some of the prettiest glass ever made. Between the color and crudity, it’s hard to argue another side. This is about perfect with a little wear but generally a grade 9.5. A wonderful little piece.  
$ 200
 THE J.F. HARTZ CO LIMITED TORONTO. Tooled top 6 ¼”. These are a very interesting little bottle with the embossed hearts on three sides. We know they are rare as this is the first or second we've sold. There might be a little stain on this, but generally it is a grade 9.5 bottle.  
$ 500
 RICHARD’S GOLDEN BALSAM SAN FRANCISCO. Applied top, 5 ¾”. Here’s a scarce S.F. med, probably late 60’s early 70’s. Condition is exemplary with nice whittle, strong strike, and perfect condition. Grades a 9.3.  
$ 275
 LYON’S POWDER with B & P N.Y. on shoulder. Rolled lip and smooth base, 4 ¼”. This is an overall fine specimen in an unusual teal or turquoise color. These certainly come in a lot of different colors and we are happy to have the five that we do. Grades 9.3 with a touch of haze on the interior. All of these Lyon’s powders are from the Mike Dolcini collection.  
$ 375
 LYON’S POWDER with B & P N.Y. on shoulder. Rolled lip with OPEN PONTIL. 4 ¼”. Here’s another very heavily whittled example in a brilliant yellow with lots of overall crudity. We apparently didn't look quite close enough at the base as this Lyon's was described as smooth base. It does have a pontil. A couple scratches but generally this one is a grade 9.5.  
$ 1,400
 LYON’S POWDER with B & P N.Y. on shoulder. Rolled lip and smooth base, 4 ¼”. We are calling this a lime green but the pictures are on the money. Whittled, grades 9.5.  
$ 160
 LYON’S POWDER with B & P N.Y. on shoulder. Rolled lip and pontil, 4 ¼”. Here is a beautiful grape puce, which is easily seen through. This is the only pontiled example as most puce ones are. These are a very early bottle. Grades a 9.6.  
$ 375
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