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Auction Ended: Sunday February 19th, 2017 at 7:00 PM PDT / 10:00 PM EST
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Auction Local Time: Mar 26, 2023 01:56:28 PDT
Mar 26, 2023 04:56:28 EDT

Please refresh your page and online catalog occasionally as we are adding new photos and information you might not see if you don't refresh your page. Please refer to our past auctions through our home page and click on "What's My Bottle Worth?" to see what some items have sold for in the past. Lot 61 is a half-pint, split beer, not a pint as earlier reported.
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 SAN FRANCISCO GLASSWORKS. 1870-76. An overall nice example of this well-known soda. Nice crudity in a fairly deep green aqua. Grades an 8.8.  
$ 130
 NAPA WOODS SODA/NATURAL MINERAL WATER T.W.F.-A.G.T. on reverse. A terrific example in a nice medium blue coloration. Condition is very nice and grades a 9.4.  
$ 550
 BAY CITY SODA WATER CO SF with embossed STAR on reverse. Here’s a super example of this well-known soda. There is some minor interior haze but as the picture shows, this one is loaded with whittle. Grades a 9.3.  
$ 220
 BABB & CO with iron pontil. This is a superb example of this fairly prevalent soda. Professionally cleaned, it would be hard to find a better one. Grades an 8.2.  
$ 600
 HIGHLAND’S GINGER ALE SAN MATEO WITH CROWN TOP. Here we have a fairly well-known Highland Ginger ale from San Mateo. We have another similar example from nearby Redwood City. A nice condition later giner ale with a crown top that grades 9.7.  
$ 10
 NONPAREIL SODA WATER SF. Tooled top. This is a later soda made in the mid to late 1880’s, it also comes in a hutch. Considered rare, this has a star on the base. Grades a 9.5.  
$ 250
 PACIFIC CONGRESS WATER SPRINGS CALIFORNIA WITH JUMPING DEER. Here’s a bottle that most collectors of western mineral waters are looking for. This is the most prevalent color and is quite beautiful. Condition is perfect and grades a 9.6.  
$ 3,000
 EXCELSIOR SODA WATER & MINERAL FACTORY. This is another very hard to find western bottle, especially, in this condition. A blue aqua with nice whittle, these were believed to have been made for only one year, 1875. A few scratches but generally an exceptional example. The same mold was used to make the Los Angeles variant. Grade 9.5.  
$ 550
 BOLEY & CO. SAC CITY CAL/UNION GLASSWORKS PHILAD. A on reverse. Graphite pontil. Here is an average condition example with an annealing check in the neck and some decent case wear. If you don’t have one, this might fit the bill. Grades a 7.  
$ 180
 NAPA SODA NATURAL MINERAL WATER in deep blue. We have some very nice condition sodas in this sale from the John O'Neill collection. Here is an outstanding example of this scarce soda with the block lettering. Listed as Markota-72. The blue colors are considered rare. These were made as early as 1861. A beautiful deep cobalt, they do not get much better than this. Grades a 9.6.  
$ 1,500
 WOODS NAPA SODA NATURAL MINERAL WATER. Markota-114 1868-73. Here’s a Woods that is different than the other Woods in this sale, the lettering is simply a little different and is sometimes considered the more fancy type lettering. Like the others, this is considered rare and is a beautiful medium to deep cobalt blue. Nice whittle with just a very tiny open bubble near the base and a few scratches. Here’s another very hard to find western soda in a terrific color. Grades a 9.3.  
$ 600
 CALIFORNIA SODA WORKS H. FICKEN with embossed EAGLE on reverse. Applied top, Markota-10. 1878-79. Here is a rare bottle that is often referred to as the “Ficken Chicken.” The reason? The eagle actually looks more like a chicken and there are a couple embossed designs on the front that look like chicken feet. We had to look at this a half-dozen times to tell that it is applied, as the seam disappears near the top. A nice deeper bluish green aqua with some crudity, these are fairly tough to find and this one grades a 9.2.  
$ 550
 PACIFIC GLASSWORKS CO. SAN FRANCISCO. Redbook-2895 Quart. Another super quart jar, the slightest roughness from grinding with loads of whittle. If you’re looking for one of the very best, this might be it. Grades a 9.7.  
$ 850
 PACIFIC GLASSWORKS CO. SAN FRANCISCO. Redbook-2895 Quart, no original closure. Another nice jar in a definite green hue. Lip has some very minor cracking and flaking from being ground, all in-making. Grades 9.3  
$ 350
 MASONS IMPROVED. Half Gallon, possibly unlisted with curved R’s. Original glass top with tiny ding and metal closure. Notice anything unusual about this jar? For western collectors it’s easy, it has a curved “R,” in the word improved. We have looked everywhere and cannot find a variant with curved R’s. Both the Roller and Leybourne books have this jar but not with a curved “R,” it’s deceivingly different. Imagine seeing a Redbook #1700 and you’re close. Color is a light blue aqua and condition is a grade 9.5. The base is embossed “B104” with the 4 being upside-down.  
$ 500
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