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Auction # 63 Part 2

Auction Ended: Sunday March 19th, 2017 at 7:00 PM PDT / 10:00 PM EST
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Auction Local Time: Feb 28, 2024 07:16:24 PST
Feb 28, 2024 10:16:24 EST

Thank you so much for all of your bids and congratulations to the winners and the non-winners as well. If you knew how much it means to us to be able to have someone trust us with their precious collection and then sell it to some of the most knowledgeable collectors anywhere, it's an honor and one we will always treasure. Our offices are many things but we get no bigger pleasure than by having an auction. This auction was a success by any measure, western bottles are strong and that is good news for all our fellow collectors. Congratulations to all of our bidders and thank you so much. Jeff, Chi Chi and Dennis
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Final Bid
 NAPA WOODS SODA/NATURAL MINERAL WATER T.W.F.-A.G.T. on reverse. Another beautiful example in a fairly deep blue, there are a number of sodas with the Napa name. These are pretty hard to find. Grades a 9.4.  
$ 375
 BAY CITY SODAWATER CO. S.F. Another very nice Bay City, this is a fairly deep blue with just a touch of green—condition is almost unimprovable. Nice crudity, grades a 9.8  
$ 350
 BAY CITY SODAWATER CO. S.F. in bluish green. As we have mentioned, the Bay City bottles come in numerous shades of blue and occasionally are seen in this cross between green and blue. These were made starting in 1871 and as expected, greenish blue is considered an extremely rare color. Never cleaned, this has just a touch of haze on the reverse but is otherwise about perfect. Grades a 9.5.  
$ 950
 BAY CITY SODA WATER CO SF with embossed STAR on reverse. These sodas come in various shades of blue and even green. This example is a brilliant deeper blue. Professionally cleaned with small flaking below the mouth from the wire bale. Grades an 8.  
$ 160
 PACIFIC CONGRESS WATER SPRINGS CALIFORNIA WITH JUMPING DEER. Here is a beautiful example of this desirable mineral water in a medium to light teal. A fairly rare color, the condition is superb and grades a 9.7.  
$ 4,400
 CRYSTAL SODA WATER. Here’s a light blue Crystal with the embossing on reverse and the oddly shaped top. There is no hole for the medal pin. A light blue with a little stain but very presentable. Grades a 9.3  
$ 275
 PACIFIC GLASSWORKS on base. In this auction we have the pleasure of offering two very beautiful examples of the base embossed PGW sodas. This example is a bluish teal and has nice overall crudity and appeal; as nice as we have seen. Grades a 9.5  
$ 650
 PACIFIC GLASSWORKS on base. One of two examples of this rare bottle in this sale, this one is a medium green and in super condition. We are not aware of selling any examples of these sodas in the past. This one is in superb condition with light crudity and a nice drippy top. Grades a 9.7.  
$ 1,500
 HIGHLAND’S GINGER ALE REDWOOD CITY with crown top. These are a semi-scarce crown top ginger ale from Redwood City. We don’t see many of these and they are not listed in Markota although they aren't a soda per se so they may just not have been included. Made for both San Mateo and Redwood City, collect the whole set of two! A nice Bay Area ginger ale that grades a 9.7.  
$ 20
 LOS ANGELES SODA & MINERAL WATER FACTORY/H.W. STOLL on reverse. Here is one of the nicer examples we have seen of this rare bottle. These were made in the mid 1870’s and don’t come along often. This one is a bluish green aqua and has never been cleaned. We can’t imagine a better one. Grades a 9.8.  
$ 2,200
 W.S. WRIGHT / PACIFIC GLASS WORKS on base. Here is an outstanding example of this very scarce soda. Although there are accounts of a ton of these being made, alas, there are not enough to go around in today’s collecting world. Color is a big factor with these, and this is a much deeper than usual color. The top was poorly applied and there is some nice light crudity. These Nevada sodas are a great addition to any western collection. Grades 8.3.  
$ 1,600
 D.S. & CO SAN FRANCISCO. Here’s a beautiful example of this popular western soda. It has just about everything a collector is looking for, especially that almost electric blue coloration. Professionally cleaned, there are still remnants of some scratching. Grades an 8.2.  
$ 750
 A.W. CUDWORTH & CO SAN FRANCISCO. Here’s a nice example of this early western soda. All graphite is intact and there is a small ding near the left base panel and some case wear, but generally a grade 7.8.  
$ 200
 PACKED BY COLLINS, WHEATON & LUHRS SF. Redbook-637 Half-gallon with original lid and zinc screw band. Unfortunately, as you can see from the pictures, this jar had a collision with a buffalo and was damaged in the process. You should have seen the buffalo! Ironically it displays beautifully and for those who can live with it, this might be right up your alley. No grade.  
$ 160
 PACIFIC GLASSWORKS CO. SF. Victory Jar. Redbook-2894 Half gallon with metal closure. Ground lip. A nice example of this scarce jar, these are one of a number of different jars made by the Pacific Glassworks. The closure on this has an unusual metal crossing pattern, which we rarely see and may not be original. Lip has very minor flake and jar is quite crude. Grades a 9.7.  
$ 750
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