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Auction Ended: Sunday July 8th, 2018 at 8:00 PM PDT / 11:00 PM EDT
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Auction Local Time: June 19, 2024 00:49:41 PDT
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We want to thank everyone who bid in this auction to make it a success. We will be sending out invoices via email and via US Mail for those without emails. Thanks so much for another success.
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 COAL CREEK FABRIZO & SONS BOTTLING WKS. 40. Here’s a Hutchinson style tooled top soda in a light amethyst. It appears to have been cleaned but displays very nicely. Grades an 8.5.  
$ 100
 HERVE & CARBON. Applied top, circa early 1880s. Here’s an aqua hutch made for the Eureka Soda Works, Tombstone, AZ. A fairly scarce Arizona hutch, this one has some interior haze but still displays well. Notice the curved R’s and the overall early look, undoubtedly made in San Francisco. Grades an 8 with no blemishes whatsoever. A light cleaning would render it perfect.  
$ 120
 J.F.I. TUCSON Applied lip. Another hutch made in 1880-81 by the Pioneer Soda Works. These bottles were the first produced by them and because of that we see a fair amount of them. Needs some cleaning which would help immensely. Grades a 7.  
$ 60
 PHOENIX BOTTLING WORKS PHOENIX A.T. Hutch with applied top. Here’s the first of the Phoenix bottles, these are considered one of the nicer Arizona sodas and this one has a lot going for it. A nice green with lots of whittle, there is an interior pressure type ding on the inside of the back lip. It barely detracts from this outstanding example. Grades a 9 without the ding.  
$ 325
 PURITY BOTTLING WORKS M. BOHALL.PROP’S NOGALES ARIZ Tooled top hutch. This is one of two Purity sodas, they are both rare and this one is considered slightly less rare than the other variant. Great condition, it was made between 1909-12. A hard to find Arizona soda, grades an 8.5.  
$ 700
 ZIEGLER’S SODA WORKS TUCSON, ARIZ. Tooled top mug based hutch. This is the first of five of the Ziegler’s soda bottles. It has the mug base and was made around 1902. Considered scarce, here’s a nice condition example that grades an 8.5.  
$ 150
 BENSON BEER & ICE CO BENSON, ARIZ. The Benson sodas come in this tooled top variant and a crown top variant. Benson by the way is a small town located between Tucson and Tombstone. The products they produced were no doubt a popular commodity during the early 1900’s. This one is in nice shape and would grade a 9.  
$ 600
 BEAVER’S & HEISLER PRESCOTT, ARIZ. Tooled top hutch. This is the second bottle produced from the Arizona Soda Works in 1902. The two owners continued for another four years after which they sold it to George Merritt. Grades a solid 8.5+. Cleaned but very presentable and in a nice blue aqua.  
$ 140
 PEARSON BROS. BODIE Applied top. Here’s one of the most popular of the early gravitating stopper type sodas. They come with both the tooled and applied top and for obvious reasons collectors are eager to add one of the most famous ghost town bottles to their collection. This one on very close inspection was found to have a repair on the front base corner. There are a lot of things to like with this one, a dent in the left panel and the simplicity of the bottle itself. No embossing on the base. Grades an 8.5 not including the repair. You decide how much that affects the price. It’s very hard to see and doesn’t glow under a black light.  
$ 850
 UNION SODA WORKS Applied top. The Union Soda Works operated out of Tombstone, AZ and started operation in 1881, the same year as the legendary “Shootout at the OK Corral.” Ironically there were three soda companies operating out of Tombstone beginning in 1881 and as a mining town that became very populated very quickly. Like many of the older mining towns, Tombstone thrived because of the mines and as they flooded out so did the population. These bottles are rare and come in both the blob style and a Hutchison, which is also rare. This example could use a cleaning and would otherwise be a fine example. Grades a 7.  
$ 450
 MT. TAMALPAIS MINERAL WATER SAN RAFAEL, CAL. Tooled top. These San Rafael sodas were made sometime after 1906 according to Markota and if there was a contest for most embossing on one bottle I think we have a winner. Apparently there was a Mineral Well located in San Rafael with the water being mildly saline, it was carbonated and bottled for a number of years along with other flavored syrups. Even more interesting, the water from the well rose in a stone-curbed well, six feet in diameter and 25 feet into the basement to the Buffalo Soda Works. You just can’t make this stuff up. A great condition bottle and one that would grade an easy 9.5+.  
$ 550
 SAN RAFAEL SODA WORKS J. KAPPENMAN PROP’T Applied top. Not sure if the San Rafael soda was related to the previously mentioned well in San Rafael, but we have to say that stylistically the overall shape and embossing of these extremely rare bottles are as nice as any western soda. With the curved R’s and it has got a million tiny bubbles throughout. We haven’t sold enough of these 1879 made to know much about them, aside from the fact they supersede the previously lot by almost 30 years. Here’s a classic western soda in a bluish overall lightly crude example. Grades a 9.  
$ 1,200
 W.H. BURT SAN FRANCISCO. Applied top, pontil. Early 1850’s. A popular western soda, this one definitely qualifies as a “Benicia,” bottle with the beautiful blue patina covering much of the bottle. Condition is nice with the type of wear seen on many of these early bottles. None of the wear or minor scratching affects the Benicia patina. Grades an 8.  
$ 220
 BOLEY & CO SAC CITY CAL. These early pontiled sodas come in a few different variants as they were made for over 10 years. Never cleaned, there is some interior dirt and a hard to describe ½” annealing check in the upper part of the neck. It has all graphite intact and despite the typical scratching and wear would still grade a 7.5.  
$ 325
 TOLENAS SODA SPRINGS NATURAL MINERAL WATER. Although these are not rare, this is as nice of an example we have seen. In a nice light green with loads of whittle, they don’t get a lot better. Made from 1885 until they produced a crown top variant into the early 1900’s. Grades a 9.5.  
$ 210
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