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We've added a couple window pictures of lots 249 and 250, the Wilmont and Swan beer. Neither have been cleaned.
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 W.S. WRIGHT with PACIFIC GLASS WORKS on base. 1863 and possibly later. We are very proud and fortunate to be offering the following sodas and mineral waters from the late Bill Woodcock Collection. Bill amassed a great number of fine bottles and his quest for perfection is evident with every bottle in the grouping. We are especially happy that Charlene, Bill’s wife gave us the opportunity to bring these to auction. So we begin. William Wright is known for marketing the first soda in Nevada, lofty stuff. When Wright had this bottle made, his first and possibly only order was for 24,000 bottles! The fact that Nevada was a territory then and didn’t become a state until 1864 makes this one of the few known territorial soda bottles. Here’s a bottle that is somewhat overlooked considering the many attributes it boasts. They include the name of the glasshouse on the base and basically the date since we know the first bottles made by PGW were blown June 16, 1863. It was made for the first soda sold in Nevada Territory with a name on it. So, where 24,000 bottles went is unknown but for those examples that have survived, it is a terrific reminder of days gone by. This is a beautiful example in a blue hue with lots of overall crudity and character. Grades a 9.5.  
$ 1,100
 G.P. MORRILL Applied top, smooth base. 1863-73. George Morrill began as a druggist in Placerville and eventually ventured into the Gold Fields of Virginia City, Nevada. These bottles are scarce, and this example is outstanding. Great color, crudity and a solid strike make it a must have for the Nevada or hard-core soda collector. About Mint and Grade 9.5.  
$ 450
 CLASSEN & CO. SAN FRANCISCO with PACIFIC SODA WORKS on reverse. 1863-68. Applied top. The age of this bottle tells us that it was one of the first made sodas from the west, more pointedly, in San Francisco and even more precise at Pacific Glass Works. Milton Classen, according to Markota, was known to make soda water until 1870 after which he became a real estate agent in 1871. Little would he know the bottles made for him would become collectible so many years later. This is about as nice as these come with loads of whittle and character. As clean and crude as any we’ve seen. Grades a 9.5.  
$ 100
 COLUMBIA SODA WORKS SF with CC DALL and embossed SEATED LIBERTY on reverse. 1879-81. These desirable western sodas come in several colors although they are mostly found in shades of aqua. They’ve also been seen in amber and are a semi-rare soda with a lot of overall appeal.  
$ 230
 C.A. REINERS & CO SAN FRANCISCO IMPROVED MINERAL WATER with CRESCENT MOON on reverse 1875-82. The is the standard variant most often seen in aqua. Reiner’s was first mentioned as coming to New York in 1854 after which he moved on to San Francisco in 1863.  
$ 50
 C.A. REINERS ST SF IMPROVED MINERAL WATER with CRESCENT MOON on reverse. 1873-75. No address. Rare variant without the Turk St. address. Here is an exceptional example of the popular Reiner’s soda bottle. Of all the examples we’ve seen this may be only the second one without the address. It's possible Reiner had these made while in partnership with John Breig, running the Eureka Soda Works and once he settled in on Turk St., he added the address. At any rate, this is a tough one to beat with a lot to like. Grades a 9.4.  
$ 275
 C.A. REINERS 723 TURK ST SF IMPROVED MINERAL WATER with CRESCENT MOON on reverse. 1875-82. 1875-82. These unusual aqua San Francisco sodas are a popular one being made in the golden era of bottle making in S.F. Glass blowers were putting bears and eagles on their bottles and what better than 3 stars and crescent moon? With loads of embossing it’s no wonder collectors go for these curved R sodas big time. This one has some nice crudity and overall just a bit of case wear and a partially open bubble on the side of the top mentioned for accuracy. This one would be hard to improve on, grades an 8.5.  
$ 150
 “AZULE” SELTZER SPRINGS with WALKING BEAR on reverse Tooled top. One of a few western bottles with a walking bear. A nice one at that with some light crudity and a solid strike. We don't see a lot of these and they are considered scarce. Grades a 9.3 with just a slight bit of wear on the shoulders. Very slight.  
$ 210
 EMPIRE SODA WORKS SAN FRANCISCO in green. 1861-71. Here’s the color most collectors are looking for outside of blue, a beautiful medium to deeper lime green. This one has lots of overall bubbles and is fairly crude overall. Pretty much uncleaned example with no real wear or scratching with some light interior haze and about as nice as we’ve seen for this color. Grade 9.5.  
$ 2,000
 EMPIRE SODA WORKS SAN FRANCISCO in blue 1861-71 a blue example of Markota page 30 without the additional embossing. The Empire sodas were some of Bill Woodcock's favorites as the run of colors and variants. he has attest to. This is a highly coveted blue variant and it is up there with the very best. Made between 1861-71 these come in shades of aqua, greens and the blue seen here. This is a flawless example that grades a 9.5.  
$ 800
 BREIG & SCHAFER S.F. with embossed FISH 1879-90. Here is a San Francisco bottle that also comes in a hutch style. This example has some nice light crudity and in a nice green aqua with bold embossing. These were made for the same fellas that produced Pacific Soda Works, this must have been another product as it was fairly popular by way of the number of bottles we see, although not many in the last number of years. Overall, a terrific grade 8.5 soda. Possibly the catch of the day.  
$ 110
 NAPA SODA with NATURAL MINERAL WATER on reverse in light green. Markota-114 1868-73. These sodas with the odd font are fairly rare in these green shades especially. This is a nice one in a light green only a San Francisco glass house could do. Nice overall character with really no distractions. Here’s another hard to find western soda in a terrific color. Grades a 9.5.  
$ 300
 NAPA SODA PHIL CADUC /NATURAL MINERAL WATER on reverse in green Here’s a popular mineral water that comes in numerous colors including of course this light to medium green. Made from 1871-83, this beautiful example would be hard to beat. With whittle and bubbles there's a lot to like with no problems to speak of. Nice big round top. Grades a 9.5.  
$ 160
 NAPA SODA PHIL CADUC /NATURAL MINERAL WATER on reverse in blue. Here is a terrific example of the Caduc in a beautiful teal blue. A color of its own and a nice one at that. Condition is terrific and Grades 9.5. Notice the difference between the two Caduc's. While the green one has a longer neck and a more crudely applied top, this one is a bit stubbier and almost looks like a different mold.  
$ 550
 BAY CITY SODA WATER CO SF with STAR on reverse. A popular bottle, this one is a medium blue with good overall light crudity to the glass. Condition overall is great and would grade a 9.6. You can put together a nice run of these.  
$ 180
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