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Auction Ended: Sunday August 2nd, 2020 at 8:00 PM PDT / 11:00 PM EDT
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Auction Local Time: June 4, 2023 14:40:17 PDT
June 4, 2023 17:40:17 EDT

Auction 68 is now over. We thank everyone who participated and we hope you stayed tuned for our next auction coming in August. Thank You!
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 THE FATHER OF HIS COUNTRY/GENERAL TAYLOR NEVER SURRENDERS. Pint with sheared lip and pontil. GI-44 A fairly heavy flask, this example is a very deep blue but still easy enough to see through. It has some pretty good wear on the portraits and a little haze on the interior. This is one that will stand out on your shelf. Grades an 8.5.  
$ 3,000
 BRIDGETON NEW JERSEY/with TAYLOR on reverse. GI-25 Sheared lip and open pontil quart. Although not a particularly rare flask, these come in a myriad of colors. This one is about perfect and is virtually unimprovable in this color. Grades a 9.2 with just a hint of highpoint wear on Washington’s neck area.  
$ 1,100
 DOUBLE EAGLE GII-26 Quart Sheared lip and pontil. Here is a beautiful lime green example of the Louisville quart. We have seen some incredible color runs of this bottle. A wonderful addition to any collection whether sitting solo or with other colors. This is another very high-grade flask with no discernible wear on the embossing. Grades a 9.8.  
$ 4,400
 DOUBLE EAGLE Quart GII-26. Applied mouth and ground pontil. Here’s another Louisville eagle this has the applied mouth and is about perfect. This is a beautiful bright teal example and condition couldn’t get much better. A grade 9.8 with just a tiny spot of wear on of the eagle’s neck.  
$ 1,400
 GENERAL LAFAYETTE with EAGLE on reverse. G1-93 Sheared mouth with open type pontil. Pint in teal. Here is a terrific example of the 93, which comes in basically shades of greens and blues. We would consider this a teal blue? The pictures are on the money. Really no highpoint wear to speak of, with a nice crude surface.  
$ 2,200
 LAFAYETTE T.S. with DE WITT CLINTON COVENTRY C.T. With reverse “D.” Pint in olive green. G1-80 These fine flasks are generally found in shades of olive and amber, or both. This one has little or no case wear and has to be graded a 9.8. Lots of overall crudity and appeal.  
$ 1,500
 B & W COLUMBIA FLASK with LIBERTY facing left and EAGLE on reverse. Pint in aqua with sheared lip and open pontil. G-121. Here’s a fairly prevalent flask seen mostly in aqua. There are some outstandingly beautiful color variants including olive yellow and eve shades of blue and green. Condition is about perfect and grades a 9.7 with just a hint of wear on a couple stars.  
$ 325
 CORNUCOPIA/EAGLE GII-69 Half-pint with sheared lip and open pontil. Here’s a light bluish aqua little flask listed in the Eagle grouping; this one really sparkles in the light. It is believed these basically come in shades of aqua or green and some in yellow. This one has overall nice crudity with a strong impression and for a half-pint, it really packs a punch! Interesting to note is the inverted cornucopia. A grade 9.5 flask  
$ 700
 MASONIC FLASK with EAGLE and STAR on reverse GIV-7A pint in aqua. Sheared top with open pontil. Another formidable masonic flask with just a hint of wear on the eagle’s neck. This is the variant with the pennant with open center and star tipped to the left. This is the predominate color, which is essentially a teal aqua. Grades a 9.5  
$ 750
 MASONIC with EAGLE HP GIV-1 pint. Here is a lovely bluish Justice Perry flask example that exhibits a bold impression although it appears on close inspection it may have been professionally cleaned. We’ll safely grade this one a 9.  
$ 500
 MASONIC FLASK with EAGLE on reverse and HS. GIV-2 Pint sheared lip and pontil. Interesting to note, this bottle was made before the previous lot. The initials “HS” stand for “Henry Schoolcraft,” and were later changed to “EP.” Here’s a flask that comes in numerous colors, this one being a light green aqua. Another fine example with virtually no high point wear and grades a 9.8.  
$ 650
 LANCASTER GLASSWORKS NY/CORNUCOPIA URN GIII-16 with sheared lip and graphite pontil. For outright color it is hard to beat these beautiful flasks. Although they are not rare, they are often in these beautiful blues and greens. This one has just a hint of highpoint wear on one of the dots on the cornucopia side and a bit here and there. We think you’ll be looking at this beautiful bluish green instead of any wear. Grades a 9.4  
$ 1,400
 CORNUCOPIA/EAGLE in amber, pint with sheared lip and open pontil. GII-72A Here is an amber example of this well-known flask. This one picked up a few potstones, none of which are radiating. Overall a very crude and great condition example with no highpoint wear to speak of.  
$ 210
 LIBERTY with EAGLE/WESTFORD GLASS CO WESTFORD CONN. on reverse. GII-65 Amber half-pint with applied top and smooth base. A fairly prevalent flask, this one would be hard to beat with just the right depth of color and a very sloppy applied, double collar top. It’s amazing what you can buy in antique glass, with not a lot of money. There is a no-harm potstone and generally this one has no wear and grades a 9.7. This bottle came from a small group of non-collectors, passed down from their parents.  
$ 325
 PITKIN FLASK 5 ½” with sheared lip and pontil, in medium green. Probably Pennsylvania or Mid-Atlantic region, 1800 - 1830. Patterned with 16 vertical ribs over 16 ribs swirled to the right, sheared mouth pontil. Grades a 9.5.  
$ 600
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