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Auction Ended: Monday March 8th, 2021 at 8:00 PM PST / 11:00 PM EST
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Auction Local Time: Dec 1, 2023 08:53:38 PST
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 BENNETT’S WILD CHERRY STOMACH BITTERS with CHENERY, SOUTHER & CO SOLE AGENTS SAN FRANCISCO CAL. B 74 Applied top. There are two variants of this scarce bitters, this example with the curved embossing is considered rarer than the other variant. Nice orange color, decent crudity and about perfect. Grades an 8.5  
$ 850
 JEWEL BITTERS with A. FORTLOUIS & CO. Applied top J 35. Dug in Weston, WA. Weston is a ghost town in Washington and this bottle was found there in 1980. There are two variants of this bottle, the other having the John Bowman name embossed. They were specifically distributed in Seattle and Washington. According to Ring/Ham there was a saloon located in the state that sold the bitters in the early 90’s, owned by Fortlouis. Almost perfect, this one grades a 9.  
$ 1,300
 PERUVIAN BITTERS with original label. P 66. Don was an avid collector of some particular western bitters and the Peruvian is a perfect bottle to find numerous variants. We have here just half of examples from his collection. Here is a labeled example with the label 100% intact with original foil seal. Condition couldn’t get much better as we will grade it a 9.  
$ 425
 PERUVIAN BITTERS red amber, 1871-91. P 66. These red amber examples are a terrific looking bottle and whether they were made here or in Germany, either way it displays beautifully. Hard to believe but this grades a 9.  
$ 300
 PERUVIAN BITTERS medium amber,1871-91, P 66. And yet another Peruvian, this is the variant with the later monogram on reverse in an orange amber. This was the last monogram they embossed the bottle with and used around 1890-91. There is a little bit of interior stain but extremely minor. It looks like this bottle was never even cleaned with a bottle brush. Grades an 8.  
$ 80
 PERUVIAN BITTERS light amber, 1871-91. P 66. This one is a nice light amber with an applied top and the “W&C” monogram on reverse. The initials are for the Wilmerding Company. Grades an 8.5.  
$ 110
 PERUVIAN BITTERS clear glass 1871-91. P 66. Here is the rare clear version that we don’t see very often, and it’s considered rare. The glass will turn purple and has a light amethyst tint. Some decent crudity and grades an 8.5.  
$ 275
 ALEX VON HUMBOLDT’S STOMACH BITTERS. Applied top. 1868-72. Here’s an early example of the bitters that began being blown in San Francisco in the early part of the western bitter’s movement. The name of the bitters was based on a famous botanist named Buenman Von Humboldt. We see these in varying shades of amber and then crude showing their early S.F. heritage. This one is old amber and has some nice overall crudity. A high-grade example that we would easily grade an 8.  
$ 2,400
 GRAND PRIZE BITTERS. Applied top. 1880-84. Here is one that the very large and successful Louis Taussig Co. put out as their entry into the bitters market. With the label reading Cooper’s Grand Prize Bitters, it won first place at the 1876 Centennial in Celebration in Philadelphia. Looking like a Peruvian Bitters, these bottles are very rare and one we don’t see often. There are some well-placed bubbles in the shoulders and although it’s not a super crude example, none of the ones we’ve seen are. It’s a wonderful example of the production of bitters in San Francisco during the 1880’s. Unlike the Peruvian’s, notice all four panels are inset. We've added a picture to better show you the strength of the embossing. Grades an 8.5+.  
$ 500
 MOHICA BITTERS with ROTH & CO SAN FRANCISCO on reverse. 1871 only. Applied top. The Mohica Bitters was put out by the well-known Roth Co., just another large company to try their hand in the bitters market. Why not? These bottles are considered extremely rare as apparently the product was not a popular one or they used labels only for others they sold. These unique bottles have great appeal, if not just for the name. Another fine western bitters that grades an 8.5.  
$ 750
 DR. RENZ’S HERB BITTERS with applied top in amber. 1868-81. Don had a definite love affair with western squares, which became very apparent when we saw the number of Renz & Rothenberg bottles. Here is the large-lettered variant in an old amber, with a good deal of crudity. It’s amazing that Renz’s are seen in green as often as they are. With most old western bitters, the opposite is true. Here is a fine example that grades a solid 8.5.  
$ 425
 DR. RENZ’S HERB BITTERS with applied top in yellow green. 1868-81. Here is another example with the large lettering in a mellow yellow green. It has some crudity and would look very nice on any shelf. An easy 8.5+ grade.  
$ 1,500
 DR. RENZ’S HERB BITTERS with applied top in green. Ex. MacKenzie, Siri collection. 1868-81. As we go through the Renz’s, we have here a beautiful brilliant green example with the large lettering. This one has a large drip running down the neck and aside from a couple scratches is about perfect. This bottle was purchased from Richard Siri and previously sold from the Judge MacKenzie collection through Norm Heckler. This one deserves a lot of attention. Grades a 9.  
$ 3,400
 DR. RENZ’S HERB BITTERS with applied top, variant 1 in amber. 1868-81. Here is the early version of this bottle with the smaller lettering, these were made as early as 1868 under the direction of John Renz, a German native. There are three variants of these bottles and the previous three lots are considered the 2nd variant, as the R’s are not curved but have large lettering. This example does not have curved R’s either but as we discovered through the years, the manner in which these were made becomes clearer all the time. In the Wichmann bitters book, the order of manufacture is listed backwards. This is a beauty and grades a 9.  
$ 1,600
 DR. RENZ’S HERB BITTERS with applied top in light yellow green. Ex. Mlasko, 1868-81. Here is the final example we have to offer, with more coming up in part two of Don’s collection. This has very thin glass and feels fragile. It is a very interesting color and one that may not be in a lot of collections. You might call this a light-yellow green. Another high-quality Renz that grades an 8.5. We could honestly grade all of these with a 9, we just want to make sure we are more conservative as we don’t need surprises. There is just a hint of interior haze but nothing that detracts. Grades a 9.  
$ 1,700
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