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Auction Ended: Sunday December 19th, 2021 at 8:00 PM PST / 11:00 PM EST
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Auction Local Time: Feb 28, 2024 09:08:43 PST
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 VOLDNER’S AROMATIC SCHNAPPS SCHIEDAM Green and bubbly with applied top and graphite pontil. This bottle comes with a graphite ring for lack of a better term. According to a long time collector of early squares, if they are cleaned you lose the lightly remaining graphite. We weren't aware that this was cleaned but apparently it is. Mel made notes on whether or not a bottle had been cleaned and did not mark this as cleaned. A bright green with a touch of yellow. This one is a solid example with loads of overall crudity. We were very happy to see that Mel Hammer had very discerning taste and was a stickler for condition. Thankfully most of at what we see in this collection are bottles in great condition. You’ll see that most of these are a grade 9.5. That grade doesn’t take away from a grade 9.8 or 9.2 but rather gives the bottle a grade of mint with the possibility of a scratch or two. Needless to say, we’ve seen maybe a few bottles with any type of damage and even then, it was extremely minor. Rest assured that unless we say something you can assume the bottle is about perfect with no distractions. Just the way Mel Hammer liked them. Grades a 9.5.  
$ 1,200
 VOLDNER’S AROMATIC SCHNAPPS SCHIEDAM yellow green and crude with applied top and iron pontil. This is another pontiled version that apparently had been cleaned despite no notation by Mel. It was something he cared about but when there are a limited supply of a bottle he wanted, he most likely could live with it,. Here’s another Voldner’s in fine condition with a crudely applied top, a lot to like. Grades a 9.5  
$ 750
 VOLDNER’S AROMATIC SCHNAPPS SCHIEDAM. Applied top and smooth base in a lighter medium amber. Here’s another interesting Voldner’s with a completely different top than the previous two lots. That tells us that it's a little later with the collar and not pontiled. A bit of an unusual color and another fine condition example. Grades 9.5  
$ 180
 UDOLPHO WOLFE’S AROMATIC SCHNAPPS SCHIEDAM applied top. A beautiful Wolfes, this one in green. Condition is super and this one grades a 9.5. It was apparent that Schnapps and gin were both very popular back in the day. Mel certainly found a niche to collect and lucky for him and us, there are plenty of beautiful examples to go around.  
$ 1,000
 UDOLPHO WOLFE’S AROMATIC SCHNAPPS SCHIEDAM. Olive yellow with applied top and iron pontil. Another striking example with all graphite intact. Grades a 9.5  
$ 170
 UDOLPHO WOLFE’S AROMATIC SCHNAPPS SCHIEDAM applied top with iron pontil, 8” Here’s a beautiful blue green example with the tapered top. Another fine schnapps that grades 9.5.  
$ 850
 UDOLPHO WOLFE’S AROMATIC SCHNAPPS SCHIEDAM applied top and smooth base in yellowish green, 8” Here is a delightful example of the Wolfe’s. This one has the word “SCHIEDAM” in a completely different font. Grades a 9.5. A real sparkler.  
$ 180
 UDOLPHO WOLFE’S AROMATIC SCHNAPPS SCHIEDAM applied top and smooth base, 8” Here’s another fine Schnapps with a double tapered top. Good crudity and a fine addition to any collection. Grades a 9.5  
$ 130
 UDOLPHO WOLFE’S AROMATIC SCHNAPPS SCHIEDAM applied top and smooth base. This has the early top, although it is not pontiled. A very pretty green with lots of unevenness to the glass. Grades a 9.5.  
$ 1,700
 UDOLPHO WOLFE’S AROMATIC SCHNAPPS SCHIEDAM applied top with smooth base, yellow green. Choose your color, they are all here. Another brightly colored Schnapps, which is quite crude. Grades a 9.5.  
$ 1,100
 UDOLPHO WOLFE’S AROMATIC SCHNAPPS SCHIEDAM applied top, smooth base, yellow. Just a few scratches but otherwise a terrific example in a very unusual color. Not too hard to put together a color run of these early and multi-colored bottles. Grades a 9.5  
$ 200
 UDOLPHO WOLFE’S AROMATIC SCHNAPPS SCHIEDAM applied top, smooth base, apricot. Here’s a beautiful apricot example that is also a tough one to find in this color. We see a number of examples in similar shades but this one is a little more pure apricot than most. Grades a 9.5.  
$ 375
 UDOLPHO WOLFE’S AROMATIC SCHNAPPS SCHIEDAM applied top, 8”. Here’s a smaller variant in a yellow apricot color. Grades a 9.5  
$ 275
 WOLFE’S SCHNAPPS with embossed BELL. Applied top and smooth base, 7 ¾”. Somewhere along the line, Wolfe’s made a mold change or more likely added a new product to their inventory. This one grades a 9.5  
$ 250
 J.J.W. PETERS AROMATIC SCHNAPPS TRADEMARK MARK REGISTRADA with DOG WITH BIRD IN MOUTH, 8” We see these interesting Schnapps occasionally along with the Peters name on different bottles. This one is about mint and grades a 9.5  
$ 190
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