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    Current Bid Report

    The Lot number and the current high bid are displayed. When the auction closes, "Final Bid Report" will appear at the top of the report. While the auction is open for bidding, this report will tell you the status of all the bids. This information helps to decide whether to bid or to raise your bid. Bidding can be done either On Line or by contacting the auctioneer directly.

    How to Update the Current Bid Report

    The Current Bid Report does NOT change unless you instruct it to. At the top of the browser, there is a menu bar. In Netscape Navigator, clicking on the "RELOAD" button will update the bids. In Internet Explorer, click on the "REFRESH" button to update the bids.

    All Lots are Displayed

    The Bid Report will display all the Lots in the auction even Lots which have not yet received a bid. Lots that have not received a bid are displayed with a blank field for the dollar bid amount.

    Display Format

    The Lot numbers are displayed across the page.

    Addenda Information

    An Addenda may be placed at top of the bid report page by the auctioneer. The addenda is used to show changes in the published catalog. This information is provided by the auctioneer and supersedes the information in the catalog.

    How to Return to Current Bid Report

    To Return to Current Bid Report, Click on the button marked "BACK" at the top of the browser or on the "Return to Current Bid Report" button below or at the top of the page. This will take you back to the Current Bid Report page.

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