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Antique Photographica Sale

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Auction # 29

Auction Ended: Saturday September 17th, 2016 at 3:00 PM US Eastern Time

Auction Local Time: June 26, 2017 14:51:54 EDT
Auction Ended

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Category: Cameras, Lenses etc. (1 to 12)

Final Bid
 American Daguerreotype / Wet Plate era lens marked C.C. Harrison, no.9866. The brass is a little dull but more importantly the flange is present. There are no marks or dings to the brass. Overall very good to excellent condition.  
 French Darlot lens, probably wet plate. The brass is somewhat dull but could be cleaned. Overall very good condition.  
$ 225
 Large Voigtlander & Sohn brass barreled lens no. 19525. The serial number indicate the lens dates from 1868. Very good to excellent appearance. The focusing knob arm is slightly bent but it works fine. The optics are clear with no obvious flaws.  
$ 375
 Large Derogy brass barreled lens no. 18661, there is also a large number 7 engraved on the lens. This is a fixed focus lens. There are some fungus spots on one of the interior elements lenses but this is easily cleaned.  
$ 160
 C.P. Stirn concealed vest camera, no.1, circa 1886/92. This model has the original anodized brass finish and fully working shutter. Excellent original condition throughout.  
 English falling plate camera, circa 1900. There are no markings as to the maker suggesting this may be a prototype. Excellent condition.  
$ 700
 Jules Richard Verascope for 45 x 107mm plates. The camera has Berthio f4.5 Stellar lenses with a working shutter. The speeds look right but cannot be guaranteed. Overall a very clean camera in excellent condition.  
$ 160
 Korona 10” x 8” view camera with Gundlach Rapid Convertible. Comes with an extension and 5 double dark slides. The shutter is working but seems a little sticky at times and the speeds cannot be guaranteed. Excellent condition  
 Kodak, no.2A Brownie model C in blue. Shutter not working.  
 Kodak, no.2 Brownie model F in green. Very good to excellent condition.  
 Crown Graphic Special camera for 5” x 4” plates or cut film. Has Schneider Xenar f4.5/135mm lens and Synchro Compur fully working shutter. A fully useable camera in excellent condition.  
$ 170
 Toyo Soper Graphic camera for 5” x 4” plates or cut film. Has Toyonon f4.7 lens and Copal fully working shutter. A fully usable camera in excellent condition.  
$ 175
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