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Auction Ended: Thursday July 5th & Friday July 6th, 2018 at 9:00 PM Eastern

Auction Local Time: Nov 16, 2018 17:34:25 EST

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All Bids are in U.S. Dollars

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Category: FULL-SIZE AMERICAN GLASS VIEWS Mostly NEW HAMPSHIRE: Griscom Collection (1 to 6)

Final Bid
 (by) FRANKLIN WHITE: (3 views) All White Mtns. “The Glen House.” (1861. Semi-subtle flaw in sky, image otherwise overall VG to VG+, Treadwell label, has original tape with minor fraying), “The Cabin at the Ledge.” (1859. Semi-minor dot in left print, tones Exc., retaped with European style material) and “Crystal Cascade.” (Image VG+ to Exc., negligible fraying of original tape.) MB$120.  
$ 120 *
 (by) FRANKLIN WHITE: (6 views) “Tip Top and Summit Houses, Mt Wash.” (1863. No diffuser layer, tones VG, retaped with hockey or electrical tape), “The Pool Franconia Notch.” (1861. Early view of John Merrill, the Philosopher of the Pool. Image has some crackling, overall G, no fraying of original tape), “Mt Wash from the Glen House, April 22, 1864.” (Image VG+, minor fraying to original tape), “Lower Cascade, Jackson.” (1860. No diffuser. Image G++, not sure of originality of the tape, which is coming off the top of the view, but otherwise the rest of the tape keeps the view stabile), “The snow arch in Tuckerman’s Ravine.” (Image G++, semi-minor fraying of original tape) and “Mt Wash Carriage Road around the Ledge.” (1863. No diffuser. Image G++, original tape loosening along bottom but no fraying.) MB$120.  
$ 120 *
 TIP TOP HOUSE by FRANKLIN WHITE: (2 views) Both with same title, “Tip Top House.” (No fog glass on either, images VG and Exc., both with original tape, one with less fraying than the other.) MB$110.  
$ 110 *
 TIP TOP HOUSE by BIERSTADT BROTHERS (2 views) “The Tip Top House.” (Some soil and other minor problems in the sky, but image is Exc where it matters, minor corner crack on back layer in margin, and with Treadwell label, minor fraying to original tape. Bierstadt Bros used European-style tape.) And No Title, but the image is such a close-up of the entrance with sign, it doesn’t need a title. (Fine close view of the tourists. Several tiny specks noticed but image otherwise VG+, on the back it looks like a 3/4" marginal crack, no fraying of original tape.) MB$110.  
$ 110 *
 (Inc Boston Massachusetts) ALPINE HOUSE by BIERSTADT & TWO VIEWS by LANGENHEIM: (3 views) Bierstadt #386 “Alpine House.” (Some minor problems, image overall G++ with better tones, no fraying of original tape) and 2 Langenheim, both dated 1856; “Tuckerman’s Ravine, Mt Wash.” (Image VG+, tape is original to the Period and correct in style, but semi-sloppily retaped, albeit likely only a decade or two after it was made.) And “Mount Auburn, Boston.” (View over the suburbs which looks much like a forest with a few bldgs seen. Image has some minor specks and also some marks which are minor because they are peripheral. No fraying of original tape.) MB$165.  
$ 165
 SUMMIT HOUSE, MT WASH: Bierstadt Bros No# “Summit House.” (Fine close view of a couple, image Exc., Treadwell label residue and a bit of the tape is lifting near the residue. Possibly retaped, very hard to tell on this one.) MB$85.  
$ 85 *
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