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Auction Ended: Thursday July 14th & Friday July 15th, 2022 at 9:00 PM Eastern

Auction Local Time: Aug 18, 2022 18:40:07 EDT

Buyer Premium now 12%. I will retire before I raise it again. (We will absorb Paypal charges.) THERE HAS BEEN A BIDDING CHANGE.(Just ask if the following is not clear.) If you want to adjust your max bid that is already placed, you need to go to your Bid Page and enter the lot# and amount in the blank spaces. Click on the gray lot# button to see the scans. Beginning at 9PM Eastern on closing night, I am waiting for 6 solid minutes of no bids, phone calls, emails or faxes, at which point I shut down the bidding on all the lots (in that half of the auction) at once. If the auction is still alive at Midnight, the 6-Minute rule turns into the 3-Minute rule. In the event of a computer or other calamity, the auction will close one week later. Please use the SEARCH FEATURE, it will catch anything I missed in the Table of Contents, which is also a helpful tool and can be printed off the website. Lots 1 - 465 close THURSDAY July 14 and lots 466 - 924 close FRIDAY July 15
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 (End Lot) CHICAGO 1893 COLUMBIAN EXPO: (Approx. 210 views) Almost all are Kilburn, may be some minor duplication. Many topics of the expo covered. (Images Fair TO G+, mts Fair TO Exc.) MB$175.  
$ 410
 (Inc Construction & Variants) (2 no bid lots, total of 44 Kilburn) Lot A; 24 views) #7949, 7951, 7955, 7967, 7969, two variants #7971, 7993 - 7996, 7998, 8040, 8044, 8054, 8077, 8095, 8164, 8200, 8215, 8221, 8223, 8233, 8253. (Inc people, displays, pavilions, the grounds & bldgs & more. Also 3 sold-on-site gray mts with medallion backs.) (Lot A; Images G+ TO Exc., mts Fair TO Exc.) & Lot B; (20 views) #7555, two variants #7559, 7560, 7563, 7566, 7921, 7922, three variants #7923, two variants #7924, two variants #7926, 7928 & four variants #7929. (Inc 5 construction pre-Expo views, also people-views and some variants I hadn’t seen before.) (Images & mts G to G+    TO     Exc., Lot B) Previous starting bids $210  MB$125.  
$ 125
 (Inc ‘Rides’ & Ships & Variants) (2 no bid lots, total of 40 views) Lot A; (18 Kilburn) #7839, 7841, 7850, 7861, 7879, 7892, 7896, 7897, 7930 - 7932, 7938, 7939, 7941, 7943, 7944 & two variants #7948. (Inc views on the grounds, Japan dedication, gondolas, & more.) Also inc one sold-on-site view with Columbus design on back. (Lot A; Images & mts G++ TO Exc.) & Lot B; (22 views) 2 HH Bennett; #312 (overview) & #316 (on deck Santa Maria), Anon “Machinery Bldg. Statue Columbus.”, Anon “Ferris Wheel.”, North-Western View CO #5 (Java village), 4 Jarvis / U&U; (Fishery Bldg, Mechanical Arts Bldg, Dahomey Village, Grand Blvd), Stroh&Wy/U&U (Pottery exhibit) & 12 Stroh&Wy/U&U gray mts (perhaps sold-on-site but I’m not sure) (mostly views of the grounds & bldgs) (Images G+ TO Exc., mts G TO Exc., Lot B) Previous starting bids $220 MB$145.  
$ 145
 (Inc Balloon & Ferris Wheel ride) (2 no bid lots, total of 40 views) Lot A; (21 Kilburn) #7864, 7874, 7890, 7896, 7965, 8013, 8034, 8046, 8083, 8086, 8088, 8142, 8206, 8208, 8252, 8284, 8314, 8401, 8965, 9105, 9162. (Inc Gondola in lagoon, bldgs, grounds, people etc.) (Lot A; Images G to G+ TO     Exc., mts, 5 are the gray sold-on-site with Columbus design on back, mts G+ TO Exc.) And Lot B; (19 views) Montgomery-Ward “Horticultural Bldg.”, Webster & Albee #2301 (people and Agri Bldg), HH Bennett #312 (overview of Midway), Anon, Selected Series “Machinery Hall.” (Boaters in front), 4 same anon; “World’s Fair Grounds.” (kids climbing small trees), “Midway Plaisance.”  (Watering cart seen to the right of the crowd), “Worlds Fair.” (Balloon in the sky, also Ferris Wheel seeni), “Cold Storage Warehouse, Day before the Fire.”, 7 G&G; #338 “Dock of the World’s Fair Steamers.”, #356 (Gov’t Bldg), #374 (grounds, bridge, people), #391 (Cliff Dwellers Mound display), #398 (boats in Lagoon), #400 (across South Canal), #444 (by the Lagoon) and 4 Jarvis/U&U: “Hungarian Vase exhibit.”, “Administration Bldg.”, “Vermont State Bldg.” and “The Float, German Pioneers, World’s Fair Parade, German Day.” (Minor flaw over water in the Selected Series view. Images G to G+ TO  Exc., mts Fair TO Exc.) Previous starting bids of $200. MB$100.  
$ 100
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