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Auction Ended: Thursday December 9th & Friday December 10th, 2021 at 9:00 PM Eastern

Auction Local Time: Aug 17, 2022 04:05:48 EDT

Buyer Premium now 12%. I will retire before I raise it again. (We will absorb Paypal charges.) THERE HAS BEEN A BIDDING CHANGE.(Just ask if the following is not clear.) If you want to adjust your max bid that is already placed, you need to go to your Bid Page and enter the lot# and amount in the blank spaces. Click on the gray lot# button to see the scans. Beginning at 9PM Eastern on closing night, I am waiting for 6 solid minutes of no bids, phone calls, emails or faxes, at which point I shut down the bidding on all the lots (in that half of the auction) at once. If the auction is still alive at Midnight, the 6-Minute rule turns into the 3-Minute rule. In the event of a computer or other calamity, the auction will close one week later. Please use the SEARCH FEATURE, it will catch anything I missed in the Table of Contents, which is also a helpful tool and can be printed off the website. Lots 1 - 439 close THURSDAY Dec 9 and Lots 440 - 898 close FRIDAY Dec 10
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Category: MONO; CARTES DES VISITES (1 to 30)

Final Bid
 CHILDREN, TOYS, ETC. (2 no bid lots, total of18 cdv's) Lot A; BOYS WITH TOY SAILBOATS (6 cdv's) Mostly England. (Lot A; G++ TO Exc.) & Lot B; CHILDREN WITH TOYS (12 cdv's) Inc one Montreal, one Boston, one Holland /Netherlands, one Germany, most are England. Inc two boys as Zouaves with a drum set, toy elephant, Teddy Bear, little horses on wheels and more. A pair of twin girls in one image. (G+ TO Exc., Lot B) Previous starting bids of $195 Consignment clear out. MB$85.  
$ 95
 KIDS WITH DOLLS & LARGER TOY HORSES: (2 no bid lots, total of 16 cdv's) Lot A; (5 cdv's of toy horses) By Jamin & Co (Paris address), by SI Moore (London address), by Ross & Thomson (Edinburgh address), by R Faulkner (London address) and by Anon. (Lot A; G++ TO Exc.) & Lot B; (11 cdv's) GIRLS WITH DOLLS (11 cdv's) By Lindborg (Jonkoping Sweden address),by A Vandyke (Liverpool address), two by J Page (Croydon address), by E Johnson (Wisbeach address), by J Chapuis (Dijon France address), by E Harrison (Kidderminster address), by A Whitla (address Manchester), by Sola (West Brighton address), by Sampson (Southport address) and by Anon German dated 1863. (Images G+ TO Exc., mts VG TO Exc., Lot B) Previous starting bids $180 Consignment clear out. MB$80.  
$ 95
 (Inc Autographs) MUSIC (2 no bid lots, total of 16 CDVs) Lot A; (9 Music / Musician related CDVs of Piano Players, at least several are autographed) These came from an album which was apparently taken apart, and the title of each image was cut from the album. Mostly Great Britain. By E Arnott Job (Birmingham address) (William Hutchins Callcott), by RM Coulson (Gateshead address) (Miss MJ Thynne), by HN King (Bath address) (George Bicknell), by Sarony (Leeds address) (Mr Curtis), by J Byrne (Margate address) (Miss Kathleen Ryan, possible autograph), by Morris (Gourock address) (Mr Dunbar, again a possible autograph, or just may be the title), by Hayes & Lowther (Hull address) (CH Hunt, I think autographed), by Anderson (Glasgow address) (Giuseppi Operti, he played for Spanish royalty, definitely autographed) and by Anon (Harry de Solla, definitely autographed) (Lot A; Images & mts G+ TO Exc.) & Lot B; (7 Music / Musician related CDVs, including at least one autograph) These came from an album which was apparently taken apart, and the title of each image was cut from the album. Mostly Great Britain. By JC Byrne (Glasgow address) (Thomas Carter, Violinist), by Magill (Belfast Ireland address) (Diamond Cameo images on cdv, Harry Loveday, Violinist, autographed), by E Arnott Job (Birmingham address) (Charles Weston, Violinist), by Whaite (Manchester address) (John Tute, Violinist), by Worden (Newcastle address) (Clarke Dawson, Organist, possibly autographed), by Anon (Mr Thynne, Organist, Newcastle) and by HN King (Bath address) (John Parry, identified in pencil as a pianist, but I found him as a harp player via google) (G+ TO Exc., Lot B) Previous starting bids of $170 Consignment clear out. MB$75.  
$ 75
 (Inc Autographs) MUSIC (2 no bid lots, total of 23 CDVs) Lot A; SINGERS, COMPOSERS, MUSICIANS (12 CDV's) These came from an album which was apparently taken apart, and the title of each image was cut from the album. By Portsea Photo CO (Mr & Mrs Easton, drummers), by Fergus Bros (Charles Denney, Cornet player, with autograph), by CH Reutlinger (Paris address) (Julia Bullen, Contralto), by Anon (Miss Berven, Contralto) by P Truefitt (Edinburgh address) (JC Poyser, Flute player, with autograph), by Cramb Bros (Glasgow address) (Richard Adams, Cornet player), by Anon (H Plimmer, Cornet player), by W E Debenham (London address) (Arabella Goddard, pianist who did a World Tour), by W E Debenham (Izydor Lotto, violinist and composer), by Robert Easton (Glasgow address) (W D'Almaine, Tenor, autographed), by Greatrex & Co (Glasgow) (Maurice De Solla, Tenor), and by Douglas (Edinburgh address) (Miss Julia Matthews, Contralto) (Lot A; D'Almaine cdv has fraying of print right side, Matthews cdv has serious crease partly over her dress. Otherwise, images G to G+ TO VG+, mts Fair to G TO Exc.) & Lot B; COMPOSER, MUSICIANS, MUSICAL DIRECTOR (11 CDVs) These came from an album which was apparently taken apart, and the title of each image was cut from the album. By HN King (Bath address) (Sigmund Thalberg, composer & pianist, knew Franz Liszt), by JH Kay (Glasgow address) (Robert Heron, Violinist), by James Wood (Aberdeen address) (Mrs Ersser Jones, Pianist), JC Byrne (Glasgow address) (John Liptrot Hatton, composer), by Whaites (Manchester address) (Mr & Mrs J Batchelder, Pianists), by Peers (Manchester address) (Mr Buck, Violinist), by T Annan (Ewing bust of HA Lambeth, town organist of Glasgow), by T Miles Anderson (Glasgow address) (Mr Wallace, Double Bass player) by Warwick (Norwich address) (George Loveday, Cornet player), by P Truefitt (Edinburgh address) (H Leverton, Violinist, autographed), by H Glen (Edinburgh address) (Herr Louis Koesel, Musical Director of the 74th Highlanders) and by Truefitt (F Bridgman, Organist, Edinburgh, autographed) (The Music Director image has a large adherence scar over the studio background, not touching the subject, otherwise images & mts G+ TO Exc., Lot B) Previous starting bids $195 Consignment clear out. MB$80.  
$ 80
 (Inc Acrobats) THEATRICAL (4 no bid lots, total of 26 CDVs with two double-sided so 28 images) Lot A; COMEDIAN & COMEDIENNES (11 CDVs) These were all marked as comedy folks by the collector. Some I could confirm, others not. By Anon (Charles Dillon) the rest are ladies; by Window & Bridge (London address) (Miss M Hodson) and 9 by London Stereoscopic Co (one a Rembrandt style) (Kate Santley, Miss M Rhodes, Miss Pearce,, Amy Fawsitt, Selena Dolaro, Julia Matthews, Miss Somerville, Patty Laverne and Amy Sheridan) (Lot A; G++ TO Exc.), Lot B; ACTOR SIR HENRY IRVING (6 CDVs) 3 by Elliot & Fry (two of these, when combined, give a partly stereo image), Anon (verso from a larger auctioneer sheet), one by Barraud which has an ad for other businesses to advertise on the back of his cdv's) and by Figaro Office, Wednesday Programme, Gallery of Celebrities series (Woodburytype) (Lot B; Images & mts G+ TO Exc.), Lot C; CLOWNS & ACROBATS (5 CDVs) By Norton & Iris (Islington address) (collector has pencilled on back 'one of the Leopold Bros', vignetted head view of man wearing acrobat tights, image VG, mt Fair to G), by G Williamson (Glasgow address) (same title as previous, this man in street clothes, G++), by H Daubray (London address) ('Victor & Jean,' boys in acrobat or other performance tights, image G++, mt VG+), by Belton & Reed (London address) (untitled image of two men in acrobat-style outfits, a darkened-in scratch just touches one man's knee, image otherwise Exc., mt G) and by Alfred Silvester & Richard Thomas (performers 'Arthur & Bertrand' in extreme pose, image VG+, mt Exc.) And Lot D; MISC CDV LOT (4 CDVs, 6 images) By Anon (untitled 'copy' image of a cased image of a lady, hanging on a wall, G++), Anon embossed mt with ticket-like perforations at bottom, and titled, 'For the Benefit of Jolly John Nash, Laugh and Grow Fat, Be Merry and Wise. Nash seemed to be a comedic singer. Image is on small circular print, VG+ to Exc., mt has darkened area at bottom, mt otherwise Exc.) And two double-sided cdvs; Anon (no titles, one side with a couple by a boat, the other is horizontal, four ladies. VG+) and Anon (no titles, cute photo idea. Two men face the camera on one side, and back view of both on the other. G++) Previous starting bids of $355 Consignment clear out. MB$150.  
$ 275
 FAMOUS (Queen Victoria & Wm Gladstone & Capt Cowper Phipps Coles) (3 no bid lots, total of 5 CDVs) Lot A; CAPTAIN COWPER PHIPPS COLES (Crimea War) by Chappuis (London address) He designed a rotating turret system which worked successfully in Crimea. In 1869 the HMS CAPTAIN with his turret system was launched. It sank with 500 aboard, including Capt. Coles. VG.), Lot B; WILLIAM GLADSTONE (3 CDVs) By CH Braithwaite (Leeds address) (seated, reading, Exc.), by Charles Jacotin (Paris address) (vignetted head & shoulders, VG) & by Mayall, Pub by Marion & Co (fullstanding pose dated Aug 1861 in the neg, image VG+ to Exc., mt Exc.) & Lot C; YOUNGISH QUEEN VICTORIA (CDV) By JH Kay (Glasgow address) (VG+ to Exc., Lot C) Previous starting bids of $215 Consignment clear out. MB$85.  
$ 110
 (Extremely Rare) FUNERAL PROCESSION OF RUSSIAN GRAND DUKE NICOLAS CZAREVITCH AT NICE, FRANCE, 1865: By Ch. Negre, titled in what may well be Period pencil but I'm not sure, "Funeral Procession of Russian Grand Duke Nicolas Czarevitch at Nice, France, April 28, 1865." (A very fancy catafalque is seen near center of image.) Image VG to VG+, mt Exc. Heartily priced in better times at $1,500. Consignment clear out. This has been a no bid more than once at lower starting bids, but not this low. MB$100.  
$ 100
 BRITISH MILITARY: (2 no bid lots, total of 7 CDVs) Lot A; BRITISH ADMIRALS (6 CDVs) By HJ Whitlock (Birmingham address) (Sir Edward Belcher), by L Caldesi (London address) (Sir James Hope), by Kilburn (London address) (Edmund Lyons), by Stuart (Glasgow address) (Sir George Frederick Denham, Admiral Bedford), by Anon (Sir Lucius Curtis), by Kilburn (Sir Henry Keppel) and by Maull & Polyblank (Thomas Cochrane, Earl of Dundonald, very successful in the Napoleonic War) (Lot A; Images VG TO Exc., mts G TO Exc.) & Lot B; IMPORTANT ADMIRAL WITH CHINA OPIUM WARS & BRITISH COLUMBIA CANADA CONNECTION: By J Hawke (Devon address) What looks like original faded pencil reads 'Sir J.', knowledgeable collector pencilled in this is Sir John Kingcome. Also, the original piece of album from where the collector took the cdv reads 'Admiral Sir J Kingcome' and it seems to be by the same hand as the pencil 'Sir J' on back. I can't find an image of the man to confirm, but I believe this is likely him. (VG+to Exc., Lot B) Previous starting bids of$205. Consignment clear out. MB$85.  
$ 200
 BRITISH SOLDIERS (7 CDVs) By James Walker (Doncaster address) (soldier), by Mayall (nicely tinted soldier), by Anon (group of 3 soldiers, looks circa 1850s), by J Holroyd (Harrogate address) (soldier), by Anon (soldier) by John B Leech (Manchester address) (soldier) and by Maull (Lt Colonel Sir John Cowell) Images G++ TO Exc., mts Fair TO Exc. MB$70.  
$ 170
 MISC (3 no bid lots, total of 16 CDVs) Lot A; (Inc English Royalty) (BY IMPORTANT STEREOVIEW MAKERS) (8 CDVs) Two by TR Williams (lady last name Greathed, dated 1861) & (Countess of Essex), by Antoine Claudet #13935a (anon lady), by Sam Poulton "Tunbridge Wells, St John's Church.", by Frank Good "Rustic Bridge, Bournemouth.", by GW Wilson "Westm. Abbey, the Cloisters.", by Tom Ogle #188 or 881 (Fountains Abbey) and by Tom Edge (untitled charming image of a sweet child gathering bullrushes or something) (Lot A; VG TO Exc.), Lot B; MULATTO (?) COUPLE by Paris Photographer: (2 CDVs) Both by Ferd. Mulnier (Paris address) No titles, the lady alone and with (likely) her husband. (Lot B; Both VG+ to Exc.) & Lot C; INTERESTING MISC LOT (6 CDVs) Two by J Beararni (London address) (same unknown man, these combine to make an actual stereo image, some spotting on both, but tones decent, mts VG), by Bashford & Mercer (Jersey address) (Tourist group in front of York Hotel, image Exc., mt VG+), S Grey (Brighton address) (four small squarish prints on one card, of a couple and their daughters, VG+ to Exc.), by J Lee (Liverpool address) (untitled comic image with a man's head super-imposed giant-size ib a seated person, minor soil, otherwise Exc.), by Seaman & Sons (Sheffield address, (small 3/4" X 1" print of unknown lady, Exc.) Consignment clear out. MB$90.  
$ 90
 CRYSTAL PALACE & RELATED & ENGLAND & WALES (16 CDVs) Four Crystal Palace; By Anon "Tropical Dept." and 3 by Negretti & Zambra; (exterior view includes grounds and one tower), "The Crystal Palace Chimpanzee." and "April 23rd, 1864. Shakespeare's House. Presented to visitors to the Crystal Palace who are invited to compare it with the model erected by Mr E T Parris in the Centre Transept." & 12 Francis Bedford; 3 Chester Cathedral; "Interior of the Nave.", "South Front." & #377 (Eaton Hall), #74 (Warwick Castle) & #2308 (Clifton Bridge) & 7 Wales; #132, 236, 658, 745, 747, 752, 2376 (Castles & bridges) Two mts with clipped corners, otherwise VG TO Exc MB$80.  
$ 110
 PARIS 1870- 71 SIEGE & COMMUNE inc PERSONALITIES (6 CDVs) Anon "Vendome Column." (Semi-major emulsion rips, mostly over ground, just a bit over the fencing. Also small stain. Tones Exc., not really a cdv, this was cut from an album with parts of other photos on back) and 2 by London Stereoscopic Co; "A Balloon Letter, Paris 1870." (VG+ to Exc.) And (rare example of a see-through cdv, "Pigeon's Letter." (Crease at bottom centre of image, some glue staining, otherwise G+), by Disderi (Victor Henri Marquis de Rochefort - Lucay, interesting guy, had an open marriage. Image VG, mt cut-down at bottom) and two by Etienne Carjat & Co; "Felix Pyat." (A leader of the commune, image VG to VG+, mt VG+ to Exc.) And Raoul Rigault (Prefect of Police, he was shot during the Commune, image VG, mt very slightly cut-down along bottom) MB$90.  
$ 120
 (Africa) (2 CDVs) AFRICAN EXPLORER DR DAVID LIVINGSTONE: by London Stereo. Co. (The autograph is machine-printed. VG) and CAPT. GLOVER (THIRD ASHANTI - ANGLO WAR, PRESENT DAY GHANA) By Maull & Co, pub by Marian & CO (I could only find drawings of the man on google, this is the real thing. That looks like a sword, but he's holding it oddly. VG to VG+) MB$85.  
$ 171
 THEATRICAL (2 no bid lots, total of 16 CDVs) Lot A; ACTORS GUST. VAUGHAN BROOKE & FRED ROBSON & JP CAREY & J STEAD (7 CDVs) Two GV Brooke; he was an Irish-born actor and comedian, he had a connection to Australia, too. He drowned in the 1866 sinking of the SS LONDON ship. Both by Gibson (Belfast address), (with other gents, image VG, mt cut down) and (by himself, some minor problems are in the extreme upper left over studio background, tones & mt VG to VG+), By Oldham & Cooper (JP Carey, in theatrical pose, VG to VG+), by H Smith (Newcastle address) (Edward Saunders, VG+), by W&D Downey (J Stead, who performed in something called The Cure, VG) and by TH Lacy (London address) (Fred Robson, image VG, mt cut-down) & Lot B; (9 T&G Shimpton) All but one are tinted, mostly quite carefully. The untinted image includes a European portraying a Chinese person. (VG TO Exc., Lot B) Consignment clear out. MB$80.  
$ 155
 MISC inc FAMOUS & EDUCATION & RELIGION RELATED by HILLS & SAUNDERS (2 no bid lots, total of 25 CDVs) 11 Hills & Saunders; Inc 3 images of dogs, an anon lady, an anon lady with tambourine, man named EW Trilton?, a young John Crichton Stuart 3d Marquis of Bute, elderly lady described as wife of Hon Henry Byng, anon student with graduation cap, a man named R Townsley, and best image in the lot, elderly Adam Sedgwick who was an Anglican Priest and Geologist seen sitting in quite an unusual chair. (Lot A; Images G+ TO Exc., mts G TO Exc.) & Lot B; (14 CDVs) Three by JN Guggenheim; (man described by collector as an Oxford Don circa 1869, a gent with his pet dog & group of young men having a drink), two by A Nichols; (both theatrical, one with several names on back), two by Henry Taunt; (untitled, young man with book) & #860 (Christ Church Tom Tower), by Cundall & Downes (Bishop of Oxford), by JW Ramsden (Rev J Greenwood, St John's College), by Taylor & Son "Eton College." (Semi-distant), by T&G Shrimpton (collector pencilled on back, 'Oxford Don 1869 in his Glastonbury Chair.') and three by Wheeler & Day; (untitled, look like students) (Images G++ TO Exc., mts Fair TO Exc., Lot B) Previous starting bids of $185. Consignment clear out. MB$75.  
$ 80
 MEN DRESSED AS LADIES & VICE-VERSA; THEATRICAL (8 CDVs) First two of a Mr Thurton; Both by Berger & Asplet (Jersey address) One image in regular clothes (VG) and the other in one of his characters at a table with a sign 'Thurton's Odd Folks!' (Latter cdv VG+ to Exc.) And two of Samuel Wasgate; by Anon (as a child, image VG, mt Exc.), by London Stereoscopic Co (later, more grown up, in his Lulu character, image VG, mt has little bit missing at lower left, but is otherwise Exc.), by P Truefitt (Edinburgh address) (Mlle Johann Claussen in man's attire, minor spotting over part of her clothing, otherwise VG+), by Signor Paltoni (Glasgow address) (William Horace Lingard, wearing a man's suit here, but he dressed as a lady in some of his acts, oval print on card, VG+ to Exc.), by Southwell Bros (London address) (no title, man in dress with a fan, VG+ to Exc.) And by Anon (untitled, man is very short skirt, for the times, name on back looks like it may be 'Hoyle.' VG+ to Exc.) MB$120.  
$ 260
 (Inc Occupational & Religious) RUSSIA & EASTERN EUROPE (3 no bid lots, total of 15 images) Lot A; (5 CDVs) I can't read Cyrillic, so: By Unreadable (bearded man may be a cleric, image G+, mt Fair with serious corner margin crease), by Unreadable, looks like Tsopeiu (boy with sailor hat, image VG+, mt cut down), by Anon, titled in English "Russians at Tea." (Very minor problems over background at extreme upper left, image otherwise Exc, mt VG) and two by W Bolosin (Serpuchof address) (both show ladies with babies, one perhaps the mother, the other perhaps the grandmother, images VG to VG+, mts very slightly cut-down), Lot B; (5 CDV size prints, on larger mts) Titles in English. "Troika.", "Droschki.", "Peasant selling Butter.", "Russian Nurse." and "Nurse." (Lot B; The backs are somewhat soiled, the fronts VG TO Exc.& Lot C; (5 images, mostly CDV size) By Retepszpts(?) (Man dressed for winter may be a soldier, VG+), by Unreadable 'Visit Portrait' (young man with acoustic version of the Gibson Flying V electric guitar, image VG to VG+, mt G.) And three by same anon, English manuscript titles; Droschki Driver." (VG+ to Exc.), "Russian Priest." (Exc.) And "Russian Pope." (VG+) Previous starting bids of $345.Consignment clear out. MB$135.  
$ 145
 (Inc Autographs & Very Odd Occupationals & Opera Singers & Actors & Height-Challenged Tom Thumb etc) (4 no bid lots, total of 21 CDVs) Lot A; OPERA SINGERS & ACTORS; (10 CDVs) By S Macaire (Paris address) and by G Prevost (Paris address) (Emelie Garail, both autographed), by H Murray (London address) (Madame Lind Goldschmidt, better known as Jenny Lind), by Disderi (singer Ilma de Murska), by WF Whitlock (Birmingham address) (Therese Titjiens), by WE Debenham (London address) (Helen Lemmens Sherrington, soprano) and 5 Figaro Album; Singer Christina Nilsson, singer Mari Caroline Felix Carvalo, Celestine Galli Marie, Giuseppina Bozzacchi and star soprano Adelina Patti. (Lot A; Images & mts G+ TO Exc.), Lot B; (Odd Occupationals) VENTRILOQUIST & ELECTRO BIOLOGISTS (3 CDVs) Two Electro - Biologists; These came from an album which was apparently taken apart, and the title of each image was cut from the album. Mostly Great Britain. By A Crowe (Stirling address) (Prof GW Stone, lecturer on Phreno-Mesmerism, some mottling over studio background, image Exc over the subject, mt Exc.) And by W&D Downey (Newcastle address) (TP Barkas, he was interested in mediums and spiritualism, same condition as previous, possibly autographed but may also just be the titling) and one Ventriloquist; by Cherry & Fleming (London address) (WB Alexander, Image VG, mt Exc.), Lot C; COMEDY, LECTURERS, ILLUSTRATOR & includes AUTOGRAPHS (3 CDVs) These came from an album which was apparently taken apart, and the title of each image was cut from the album. By Sarony (Birmingham address) George Dawson, he was involved with radical political and social reform known as the Civic Gospel. Image VG, mt Exc.), by CT Newcombe (Hastings address) (Lecturer George Grossmith, he wrote comedy for Punch magazine, this is autographed on back, image VG, mt Exc.) And by Mayall (George Cruikshank, illustrator and caricaturist, autographed and added in same pen, 'Artist and Lt Colonel of the 48th Middlesex 'Havelock' Temperance Rifle Volunteers, April 1866.' (Image VG+ to Exc., mt Exc.) & Lot D; TOM THUMB, COLONEL ATOM & MORE (5 CDVs) By Bogardus (NYC address)(Colonel Atom, the CDV is overall Fair to G, but is Exc directly over the subject), by Mathew Brady "Mr & Mrs General Tom Thumb. Image VG to VG+, mt G.), Anon (Lavinia Warren and friend, G to G+) and two copyprint / pirates pubished by Ashford Bros. (Tom alone, and Tom with wife. These last two, image VG, mts Exc.) Previous starting bids of $405. Consignment clear out. MB$180.  
$ 220
 (Inc Riding Horse - Tricycles & Twins & Comedy & Genre & Unusual) (3 no bid lots, total of 23 CDVs) Lot A; TWINS (6 CDVs) Two by John Thorp (Leonards on Sea address) (kids on a couch) & (kids on rustic bench), by Anon (kids in 3-wheel pushcart), by EJ Colburn (Bay City Michigan address (as previous), by JS Bayfield (Hastings address) (with rustic fence studio props) and by J Bowman (Glasgow address) (young girls) (Lot A; images & mts G++ TO Exc.), Lot B; RIDING HORSE - TRICYCLES (2 cdv's) Both by Anon makers, one addressed at Mount Perry. (Lot B; both G++ & Lot C; (Inc Ultra Corny Mayall image)(15 CDVs) 10 Michael Burr; "The Peace Breakers." (Fight over game of marbles), "Jeames at Home.", two variants of "Little Red Riding Hood.", "Pursuit of Knowledge under difficulties.", "The Broken Jug.", "The British Volunteer." (Lady), "Returned from the Ball." & "Now Marm, say When." (Crinoline), by Mayall "I copy no man! Why do you copy me?" (A mule in studio, not that Mayall signed the negative 'Brayall.' Dated 1862), by Anon (adult man's head superimposed on a baby), by Anon (adult man's head superimposed on drawing of a female royal) and 2 by W Runicles & Son (Windsor address); (man's head superimposed on a drawing of a turtle standing on hind legs) and "A Lictor is Sent to arrest Pup." (Two men's heads superimposed on drawing of man grabbing lady) (First view tinted bit watercolory. Otherwise, G+ TO Exc., Lot C) Previous starting bids of $290 Consignment clear out. MB$125.  
$ 145
 (Inc Medical & German & French Military & Royalty) (3 no bid lots, total of 24 CDVs) Lot A; SURGEONS, GERMANY & AUSTRIA CIRCA 1870s (6 CDVs) Makers include: A F Czihak (Vienna address, Dr Albert Hoschig von Mooshof), Fritz Luckhardt (Vienna address, Dr Bellroth), Reichard & Lindner (Berlin address, Dr / Prof Bardledian?, see scan) & 3 by JC Schaarwachter; (Dr Ernst von Bergman, Dr Johannes F August, Dr Richard von Volkmann) (Lot A; Images VG+ to Exc., mts VG to VG+), Lot B; (Military & Royalty & Famous) GERMANY (9 CDVs) By Anon (Gen. von Zastrow, Franco Prussian War related), by Anon (Edouard Vogel von Falkenstein), by 'P' #1169 (Bavarian Gen von der Tann), by Anon (Gen Leonard Graf von Blumenthal who refused to bombard Paris during the Franco-Prussian War), by Fr. Holecek (anon soldier with helmet on table), by Anon (Hellmuth von Moeltke), by E Linde (Bismarck, might be a drawing), by J Albert (Munich address) (Kaiser Wilhelm) and by Anon #1377 (Kaiser Wilhelm) (Lot B; Images G to G+ TO VG+ to Exc., mts from cut-down TO Exc.) & Lot C; FRANCE (9 CDVs) Three images of Marshall Maurice de MacMahon (by London Stereo Co, by E Flamant and by Mayer & Pierson. His Irish family moved to France in the 1600s. I wonder if he even spoke English.), two images of Gen. Trochu, Gov of Paris; (by London Stereo Co and by Photographie Franck), two images of same anon soldier with uniform & medals (by Millet and by Pagot), by A Ken (Paris address) (de Lissy, military man in uniform) and by Levitsky (Gen Dupuis) (Images G++ TO Exc., mts cut-down TO Exc., Lot C) Previous starting bids of $260 Consignment clear out. MB$110.  
$ 110
 (2 Mistresses / Celebrities) By Disderi (Margarite Bellanger, a mistress of Napoleon III, image VG, mt cut down) and by Disderi (Cora Pearl, born Emma Crouch, mistress to various members of the aristocracy, image VG, mt cut down) MB$75.  
$ 95
 FRANCE; WRITERS, JOURNALISTS, PLAYWRIGHTS, ETC (3 no bid lots, total of 20 CDVs) Lot A; (6 Writers, Playwrights, Journalist, etc., on 5 cdv's) By Pierson (Journalist Emile de Girardin), by Truchelut (journalist John Lemoinne), by Ferdinand Mulnier (writer Eugene Labiche), by Mulnier (Dramatist Victorien Sardou) & by L Cremiere (Henri Meilhac on left & Ludovic Halevy on right (Lot A; Images VG TO Exc., two mts trimmed.), Lot B; (7 Writers, Novelists, etc) By Pierre Petit (Henri Murger), by Disderi (Octave Feuillet), by C. Reutlinger (Edmond About), by Nadar (Alphonse Karr), by Nadar (Theophile Gautier), by Franck (Not 100% sure, I believe this is Joseph Mery) & by Pierre Petit (Leon Gozlan) (Lot B; Images VG TO Exc., the Karr mt is Exc, the rest of the mts are cut down.) & Lot C; (7 writers) By Disderi (Paul Feval), by Carjat (Louis Viardot, not 100% sure it's him), by Lege & Bergeron (Louis Ulbach, pen name Ferragus), by Disderi (Emmanuel Gonzalez), by Disderi (Charles Monselet), by Bisson Bros (Paul de Kock) & by Disderi (Ponson du Terrail) (Last cdv, image slightly cut into at top, over backdrop only. Also some creasing in same area. The rest of the images VG+ to Exc., mts all cut down., Lot C) Previous starting bids $310 Consignment clear out. MB$125.  
$ 125
 FRANCE; WRITERS, JOURNALISTS, PLAYWRIGHTS, POETS, ETC (3 no bid lots, total of 17 CDVs) Lot A; (6 Writers) by Carjat / Giroux (Jules Francois Felix Fleury Husson, pen name Champfleury), by Pierre Petit (Jules Noriac), by Mulnier (Victor Tissot), by Nadar (Alphonse Daudet), by Truchelut & Valkman (Arsene Houssaye) & by Nadar/Giroux (Ernest Feydeau) (Lot A; Images VG TO Exc., 3 mts cut down and 3 mts VG+ to Exc.), Lot B; (6 Writers inc Poets) By Lege & Bergeron (Jules Claretie), by Disderi (Emile de la Bedollierre), by Disderi (Alberic Second), by Pierre Petit (Leo Lespes), by Reutlinger (Edouard Pailleron) & by Lege & Bergeron (Gustave Aymard, who described himself as the son of two married people, though not married to each other) (Lot B; The Lespes image is missing minor piece at extreme upper right, images otherwise VG TO Exc., mts are all cut down but one.) & Lot C; (5 Writers) By Nadar (Amedee Achard), by Disderi (Elie Berthet), by Pierre Petit (Louis Veiullot) by Lege & Bergeron (Armand de Pontmartin), by Nadar (Eugene de Mirecourt) (Two images negligibly clipped at top, images otherwise VG TO Exc., mts all cut down., Lot C) Previous starting bids of $300 Consignment clear out. MB$120.  
$ 120
 (Inc Tax Stamps) USA MISC (3 no bid lots, total of 88 CDVs) Lot A; (Regular people) (29 images) All with tax stamps. 11 Anon makers, 6 by NYC photographers, 4 Ohio, 1 Philadelphia, 3 Massachusetts, 1 Connecticut, 2 New Hampshire, 1 Rhode Island. (Lot A; Images G+ TO Exc., mts Fair TO Exc.), Lot B; (Mostly regular people) OHIO (25 images) 1 Cincinnati maker, 1 Medina, 2 Akron, 1 Hudson, 1 Sandusky, 7 Columbus, 12 Oberlin. Makers inc AC Platt, HM Platt, MV Snell, Hoag & Quick, Reeve & Watts, Limpert & North, Elliott & Armstead, Griswold & Howard, Markillie, Howard. (Mostly regular citizenry, also a Rev LL Holden) (Lot B; Images G TO Exc. Some images cut into at corners by cut-down mts, mts cut-down TO Exc.) & Lot C; (Mostly regular people) CLEVELAND OHIO (34 images) Inc 19 by Decker, 4 Park, 6 Ryder, 3 George Johnson, 1 Wm C North, 1 A Bisbee. (Mostly regular folks, inc an image of Wm Chisholm who was important to the steel industry, a man described in modern pencil as Samuel P Ely but I can't confirm) (Images G TO Exc. Some images cut into at corners by cut-down mts, mts cut-down TO Exc., Lot C) Previous starting bids of $250. Consignment clear out. MB$100.  
$ 130
 (Photo related) CIVIL WAR, CONFEDERATE & UNION; (3 images) By Mathew Brady (Matthew Fontaine Mawry. He was a US Naval Officer but switched to the Confederates for the Civil War. He was also an expert oceanographer and meteorology. A Becker style viewer is seen on the table, VG+ to Exc.) & by FL Lay (Colonel Harrison Ritchie, small 'dig' at top edge of image over studio background, only, otherwise Exc.) & by Anon (Mrs Ritchie, I hate to break up a couple, even in photos, some mottling over the background, otherwise Exc.) MB$90.  
$ 90
 (Inc Famous & Less-Famous & Un-Famous) (2 no bid lots, total of 27 images) Lot A; (5 images) By Anon (Copyprint / pirate of Ralph Waldo Emerson, G to G+), by Anon (Horace Greeley, image G to G+, mt Fair), by Anon "Indians Grave-yard, grave of Wm Penn" (image Exc., mt VG), by W Duke & Sons Honest Long Cut Chewing & Smoking (Tobacco) (James Garfield, G++) & by Anon (James Garfield, G to G+) & Lot B; (Inc possibly famous & Brooklyn makers) (Mostly regular people) NEW YORK CITY (22 images) 3 by Brooklyn photographers; 1 CK & EL Bill, 1 CK Bill & 1 Wm Richardson. The rest by NYC makers; 3 by Charles Fredricks, 4 Hallett & Brother (all of important looking unidentified men), 2 Julius Brill, 1 Herron, 1 RA Lewis, 1 KW Beniczky, 1 Pach Bros, 1 Rockwood, 1 Barcalow, 1 J O'Neil & 3 Faris & Gray. (Some images are cut into a bit but not over the subjects and are otherwise G++ TO Exc., mts Fair TO Exc., Lot B) Previous starting bids of $175 Consignment clear out. MB$75.  
$ 75
 (5 Painter or Sculptor Artists) By Pierson (Jean-Leon Gerome), by Carjat/Giroux (Narcisse Virgilio Diaz), by Carjat (Leon Cogniet), by Reutlinger (Jean Hippolyte Flandrin) & by Disderi (Alexandre Gabriel Decamps, I'm not 100% sure it's him, but then his name is in Period pen and that's an artist's ease at right of image.) Images VG TO Exc., mts all cut down. MB$70.  
$ 70
 CANADA (Inc Royalty & Canada West & regular people & Military & Parl't Bldgs) HAMILTON & OTTAWA, ONTARIO (2 no bid lots, total of 10 CDVs) Lot A; (5 images) By Eckerson & Lyon (machine print 'HRH Prince Arthur' but I couldn't confirm the person with google), by Lewis & Eckerson (couple, the lady with a purse), by J Cox (man with dog) & 2 Canada West by CH Wright. (Lot A; Images & mts G+ TO Exc.) & Lot B; (Inc Parliament Bldgs & Cleric & regular person & Military) OTTAWA (5 images) By Notman (regular gent, I think), by Fraser (cleric), by Jarvis (military man & son) and 2 Notman with same title, #32840 (West Wing, Par't Bldgs) (Images G+ TO Exc., mts, two cut down, the rest of the mts VG TO Exc., Lot B) Previous starting bids of $150 Consignment clear out. MB$75.  
$ 155
 (Military & Brazil) GUNNERY MATE & SURGEON, HMS 'GLADIATOR' (2 CDVs) Both by Lopes (Rio de Janeiro address) "John Hudson or Hudgeon, Gun. Mate, Sept 1871." and "Cornelius Enwright, Asst. Surgeon." (The GLADIATOR earlier served in the Crimean War.) Both VG+ to Exc. MB$65.  
$ 75
 MUSIC COMPOSERS (3 no bid lots, total of 19 CDVs) Lot A; (4 Music Composers) By Disderi (Oscar Comittant, French, image Exc, mt cut down), by Franck (Gustave Nadaud, image Exc, mt cut down), by Pierre Petit (Giacomo Meyerbeer, Jewish German composer, image Exc., mt cut down affecting border of image) & by Erwin (Gioachino Rossini of Italy, image VG, mt cut down), Lot B; (7 Music Composers) By Mulnier (Charles Gounot), by Reutlinger (Charles Lecocq), by Mulnier (Olivier Metra), by Neurdein (Friedrich von Flotow, Germany), by Reutlinger (Louis Clapisson), by Nadar (Hector Berlioz) & by Nadar (Felicien David) (Clapisson image G+, the rest VG+ to Exc., two mounts cut down, the other mts VG+ to Exc., Lot B) & Lot C; (8 Writers, Entertainers, Theatre related) By Pierre Petit (Enrico Tamberlik, opera singer), by Franck (Jean Baptiste Prosper Bressant, actor), by Reutlinger (Jean Baptiste Faure, opera singer), by Carjat (Pitre Chevalier, author, historian, jounalist), by Trinquart (Jean Baptiste Honore Raymond Capefigue, historian & editor), by Carjat (Henri Gourdon de Genouillac, historian, novelist, 'heraldist'), by Franck (Pierre Sebastien Laurentie, writer) and by Pierre Petit (Eugene Auguste Roger de Beauvoir, novelist, playwright) (Images VG TO Exc., one mt VG+ to Exc., the rest cut down. Lot C) Previous starting bids of $350 Consignment clear out. MB$125.  
$ 125
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