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All Bids are in U.S. Dollars

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Category: US CIVIL WAR 1861 - 65 (1 to 8)

(Published by Taylor & Huntington circa 1887 from Original Period Anthony Negatives).
Final Bid
 (Boats / Ships) (3 Taylor &Huntington views) #2547 “US Steamer MASSASOIT in James River, 1864.” (Image VG+, mt About G.), #6244 (James River from Libby Prison Hill, Richmond, image mostly VG but lightens distant, mt VG) and #6277 (badly damaged smoke stack of Rebel Ram VIRGINIA, tiny bit of print missing at top, some light fox and soil, tones VG, mt VG) MB$135.  
$ 135
 (Inc RR & Ship) (2 T&H views) #831 “Thirteen inch mortar DICTATOR.” (Info on back explains that the gun was mounted on a flatbed RR car, and would quickly move right after it sent a volley, so the Confederate response would hit nothing, image mostly VG+ to Exc., lighter over distant hills, mt Exc.) And #2541 “Gunboat MENDOTA in James River near Deep Bottom, 1864.” (About 11 miles SE of Richmond. Sidewheeler uses up most of the width of the view. Image VG, mt VG+ to Exc.) MB$135.  
$ 135
 T&H #217 “Non-commissioned Officers’ Mess, Co. ‘D,’ 93rd NY Infantry.” (At Bealton, Virginia, Aug 1863) Image Exc., mt VG. MB$125.  
$ 155
 (Gruesome & Disturbing) T&H #274 “The Horrors of War.” (Grotesquely mangled Union soldier.) Image VG to VG+ directly over the subject, lighter distant, mt VG+ to Exc. MB$145.  
$ 145
 (Boat) T&H #488 “Iron-clad Gunboat GALENA showing the effect of Rebel shot.” (July 1862, James River, after battle at Drewey’s Bluff) A couple of very minor flaws are in manufacture, I believe.) VG+ to Exc. MB$100.  
$ 100
 (Gruesome) T&H #553 “The ‘Sunken Road’ at Antietam.” (Close view of Confederate victims of Union shells) Image VG to VG+, mt Exc. MB$100.  
$ 125
 (Gruesome) T&H #6190 “Dead Confederate Soldier in the Trenches.” (April 2, 1865, Petersburg Virginia) Image VG, mt Exc. MB$100.  
$ 100 *
 (Ship) T&H #6619 “Waiting for Exchanged Prisoners.” (Flag-of-Truce sidewheeler NEW YORK. Damning info on back is likely part propaganda and part truth, describes starved Union prisoners and ‘fat, healthy, well-fed and well-dressed’ Rebel prisoners. According to google, both sides treated the prisoners poorly, with the death rate a bit higher for the Union soldiers.) Tones a bit lighter in right print. Image overall VG to VG+, mt Exc. MB$100.  
$ 100 *
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